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Justice for Steven Ethan Jones

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On November 12, 2016, 19-year-old Steven Ethan Jones was reported missing by his girlfriend and his father after he hadn't returned home. That day, he was with Darian Hammond, his girlfriend, at the Houston Zoo. She dropped him off at home and later that night when she stopped receiving responses from him she filed a missings person’s report.

On the morning of November 13, 2016, police identified a dead body on 2920 was Ethan. He was hit by a car in a hit-and-run, and left on the side of the road. When police found him, they couldn’t identify him by description. They identified him with Darian's ID that was left with him and found the report she filed, and also by a shoe that he was wearing that was removed when he was hit. It wasn’t until six and a half months after his death that the car that hit him was found. Ethan’s blood was found on the car within the damage and under the front. The persons who owned the car were taken to court and the case was presented to a grand jury.

When the case was presented, there wasn’t enough evidence to indict anyone. The alleged driver walked free and has no charges to their name. The only way for his case to be re-evaluated is if more evidence arises, but to our knowledge, there were no witnesses or cameras near the intersection he was hit at. Therefore, there is no more evidence, unless a witness steps up.

A week or so after his death, a video of Ethan's dismembered body was sent to people from his previous high school. The video circulated around and eventually, his girlfriend's mother came across the video. It is believed that whoever recorded this video may be the people who first found Ethan and may know at least anything that could help. As of now, no witnesses have come forward, meaning whoever took this video hasn't spoken.

Ethan’s friends, family, and loved ones continue to fight. The only thing we want is for there to be justice for Ethan. No one deserves to lose their life so soon, but the person behind the wheel didn’t see a living person. They saw someone who wasn’t worthy of help, who wasn’t worthy of justice. So we are working for justice to be brought.

The case wasn’t taken as far as it could have been taken, and we want for Ethan to gain attention hoping that his case will be presented to a new jury, or that someone who may have been a witness may find this and come forward. Even if it’s presented, and they are found not guilty again, there is still progress and that’s what we want.

To all who are reading this, thank you for your time and thank you for your help. We won't ever stop fighting for Ethan until he get's the justice he deserves.

Here is an updated news article from ABC13: And if anyone is interested in hearing more about Ethan's story, follow @justiceforjones on Instagram.

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