#RenewTheExpanse Find The Expanse a new network

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The Expanse is one of the best Sci-Fi television shows on air right now, debatably the best sci-fi in decades. It has received the Odyssey Award for the most realistic depiction of the future, CalTech gave it's science an A+ for realism and it is continuously lauded for it's realistic depiction of space. 

Realism aside, the show is much more than action and space, it has heart. The characters have so much depth and complexity, the diversity in the leads and casting in general is second to none, the show has FIVE leading badass women that don't revolve around men or a relationship. The plot lines have us gripping our seats each week and picking our jaws up from the ground. This isn't a show that just has space battles and guns firing, this is a show that leads with characters, their stories, their dynamics between each other. It shows relationships, problems and the complexity between different species/races. It gives you the real that you need. 

Now we can talk about the gripping storyline and how we need to continue this journey and find out what happens. An hour flies by with #TheExpanse, you don't even realize it's over until the credits appear and you're left looking around screaming "no i need more!!" 

Here's to hoping Syfy comes to its senses or we find a better home for our show.