Warehouse 13 New Spinoff (Warehouse 12) Possibly put on hold. Let’s get this series going!

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Warehouse 13 was a beloved show by lots of fans. When it went off the air it disappointed all of these fans. There has already been CONFIRMED talk of a spinoff series, with H.G. Wells, set in her time period.  There is not a lot of information out there on if this series is still moving forward. Fans need to sign this petition to make sure it keeps gaining momentum and is renewed or kept in production plans. This was a great SYFY series and Helena (H.G. Wells), was an amazing fan favorite!   It would be great to also have the rest of the cast come back. I’m not sure what the plans were for the reboot, but this would be an amazing thing to move forward with. SYFY  had already confirmed this series reboot, but nothing else has been said about it for quite some time. Let’s make a difference and let our voices be heard. Let’s tell them we need this show back!!!