Do not take away the legal parenthood of lesbian mothers moving to Sweden!

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Three and a half years ago me and my wife Soledad got our son Love, after a long time of inseminations and IVF. He was born i Barcelona, Spain, and since we both did all necessary paperwork at the start of the process and after Loves birth, we were both recognized as his legal mums in Spain. 

I am originally from Sweden, and this year we moved to Stockholm to be closer to family and friends. After six months, by accident when doing paperwork, I got to know that the the Swedish government does not recognize my wife as Loves legal mother. If he was made with help from a Swedish hospital, doing the same paperwork procedure as we did in Barcelona, there would be no problem. Or if we would have been heterosexuals -They would have asked for his birth certificate and problem solved.

During six months Love and and Soledad had no legal rights to eachother, with us not knowing our fragile situation. If somehting happened/happens to me, Love would be orphan right now.

The solution we are given is for Soledad to adopt Love. That means more time with this uncertainty and our family being object to investigation. Why is it that lesbian mothers who have their children in Sweden has more rights than we have? Wy is it that heterosexual fathers who has been in the exact same process as we have, are not questioned and taken away their parenthood?

Please help us; sign and make the Swedish government understand what they make our family go through!