Stop Nestle from bottling water from Florida’s Ginnie Springs NOW!

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Nestle Waters North America is requesting to bottle water from Ginnie Springs in Gilchrist County, Florida using a permit Seven Springs Water Company is applying for. The permit would allow the company to withdraw as much as 1.152 million gallons of water a day from the springs, which flows into the Santa Fe River, for bottling.

River advocates are concerned about the proposal. They say the Santa Fe River is losing water and that allowing that much water a day to be pumped out of the spring, which flows into the Santa Fe, is unwise. The potential impact on wetlands of the proposed withdrawal will most likely cause potential harm to threatened or endangered species.

Besides the fact single use water bottles continue to create more environmental pollution, allowing Nestlé to obtain use of this permit will most likely reduce already low water levels. Let’s all show Suwannee River Water Management District that we care about our environment and are asking them to not allow Seven Springs Water Company any more permits that potentially hurt our water supply.