Petition update

What we stand for and what we are protesting!

concerned parents of cusd Cupertino Union School District
Sunnyvale, CA

Apr 14, 2017 — Dear petitioners, thank you for raising your voices and asking for more transparency and inclusion in the process of determining a new Human Growth and Development curriculum. Now that the adoption of Teen Talk MS has been suspended temporarily, we must actively work with the school district in adopting an alternative curriculum that is more age and culture appropriate while complying with the California Healthy Youth Act. We also want to make our goals and our requests VERY CLEAR to ourselves, as concerned parents, and to the district administration, the Board and other interests who are watching our school district very closely. After discussing and hearing from many many parents and from the majority of the comments on this petition, here is what we seek:
1. We would like our students to receive scientific, age appropriate, culture sensitive and comprehensive sex education
2. We would like such a curriculum to be in full compliance with CHYA
3. We would like to be involved and contribute to an inclusive and transparent process of curriculum review and selection

On behalf of MOST of the 4500 signees of this petition:

--We are NOT against our teachers
--We are NOT against the ACLU
--We are NOT against the rights of our LGBTQ youth
--We are are NOT against scientific research that comprehensive sex education is effective.
However research is also clear on the fact that parental involvement is very important for this or any curriculum to succeed.
We believe that it is in the best interests of our children that we engage in a mutually respectful way, fully cognizant of a diverse demographic, to resolve this and other issues. Let us not fall for divisive rhetoric, let us work together.


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