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Tana Mongeau channel to be taken down

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Tana Mongeau is a popular youtuber who has been confirmed with video evidence to be a racist (saying the N-word maliciously) and a liar who wishes violence and death upon people she does not agree with. She recently told a popular youtuber, iDubbbz, to kill himself over twitter and is now in the process of assassinating his character through other social networks besides Youtube. She is also telling blatant lies about Mr Dubbbz, as proven through more video evidence.

Tana Mongeau is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people every video she makes. Her influence is great and she is a legitimate danger to young, impressionable people all over the world. This petition is a plea to Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki to take notice of this toxic channel and either demonetize Tana Mongeau's channel, or ban her altogether. This would benefit the Youtube community as a whole as it would set a precedent for a zero tolerance policy on character assassination, fake stories and news, and false claims of violence and sexual assault.

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