Rename YouTube’s “Trending Page” to “Staff Picks”

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On the YouTube platform, there is a section of it called “Trending”, which lists all of the videos that are currently trending on the platform. This should give all YouTubers a level playing field, but YouTube seems to handpick the videos that are put on the page. A prime example of a video deserving to be there is PewDiePie’s version of YouTube Rewind, which gained over 16 million views and over 4 million likes in just 24 hours, an amount worthy of the #1 spot on the list. But, the video hasn’t even made it into the top 50. Clearly, YouTube do not have a system that allows them to automatically list videos on there, but are instead doing it manually to cater to more advertiser-friendly channels, so the Trending tab should be renamed accordingly to “Staff Picks”.