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We are writing this without any hope that this problem will be justifyingly solved, nevertheless , we will try. Maddyson wasn't able to contact with you, because of his lack of knowledge in English, to show you his point of view regarding this situation. Besides, he is very upset of losing his channel because of this situation, the channel that involved so much time and effort.

First of all, we would like to ask that his situation would be reviewed by other specialists at Twitch, not the ones that decided to permamently ban Maddyson's channel, and that the justyfied decision will be made not by Alexey Krupnyk or any other individuals, who cannot impartially evaluate Maddyson's actions.

We would like to mention that his channel wasn't banned for the content that he was streaming, nor for the complaints of the community. His Twitch account got banned because of discussing the policy of double standards on the part of a single administration of Twitch. He published that on his personal page on social media "vk.com", not on any Twitch forums or resources, explaining the audience the reason why he could not improve the quality of the streams. All claims that have been associated with the content or bitrate were recieved from the Krupnyk's e-mail. More so, his e-mails were often were unbelieveable and absurdly illogical towards the streamer with large audience. In particular, streams were shut down because the streamer were AFK in the bathroom for a couple of reasons ( https://pp.vk.me/c629402/v629402518/3075e/eAiP26K0u1U.jpg ). Krupnyk is known for his ultra-right views in the Ukraninan situation, while Maddyson always took an active patriotic pro-Russian position. When he went on the Krupnyk's page in the same social network in which he later posted a message (VK.com), he saw a selection of following videos, illustrated on this screenshot below:
https://pp.vk.me/c629402/v629402518/30020/5MwjJB14-aA.jpg (or just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyxhZEVfjsI )
Show some interest in what this content is, let someone translate you what these videos are about. If you trust Alexey so much, then ask him whether these videos can cause an inadequate reaction from a Russian user, especially considering that it was he who administered Maddyson's channel, into which he has put so much time, work and effort. We hope that Alexey has the courage to admit that this content, shown in the screenshot above, is provocative. This can be confirmed by any member of Russian Twitch community.

In your letter regarding the ban of Maddyson's channel, you wrote that his actions are unacceptable, "despite the political situation". If that's the case, is it acceptable to store such content for a person who works (though, as Alexey claims, indirectly, and only bringing the will of the administration to the Russian viewers) with Russian Twitch segment? There are situations where you can not turn a blind eye to the contributing factor, so Maddyson doesn't understand this statement: "despite the political situation". He was always apolitical during his streams and the audience had no claims towards him. Upon receipt of the partnership program with Twitch, he did not adress any controversial topics, there was no insulting and adult content. Alexey expressed his views in a social network not related to Twitch, and Maddyson did the same thing.

As of the insults towards Twitch staff, Maddyson naively believed that he was and employee of your resource aswell, since the money form partnership program were shared; he helped to promote Twitch in every way, participated in charity events. He does not know what reputation Alexey has (though he is probably considered as an angel), but in this situation, Maddyson's actions were provoked. We have no doubt that there is a matter of personal enmity of Alexey Krupnyk. This enmity can also be based not only on the national question, but also on the fact that Maddyson's streams began to compete with e-sport translations affiliated with Krupnyk.

Regarding the disclosure of information. Krupnyk is a known e-sports player, who has an open VKontakte page. Maddyson didn't lay out any information that is not publicly available. It is like disclosing that Justin Bieber's name is Justin Bieber. This case is completely absurd. The fact that people express dissatisfaction with his actions - is quite usual, fans are fans. Maddyson asked them in every way to stop it, but it is very unlikely that it can help in this situation.
Ilya is ready to answer any question related to this situation and hopes that you will reconsider your decision. The saddest thing is that eventually the ones that are going to be affected the most, is us, his viewers, who do not understand the reason why one of our favourite channels has been closed, since there hasn't been anything that violated the rules of Twitch.tv.

With outmost respect,
Maddyson's fans.





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