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Thin Ice Vest 2.0 refund/settlement. "False advertising, and misleading information"

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Project Created by Adam Paulin,

The kickstarter advertised a unit that "You can use the Thin Ice Vest 2.0 anywhere, anytime doing you day-by day stuff including work, sleep, watch TV...". The included instructions say that you are unable to sleep in the unit. The unit also will not fit under a suit without being easily noticed. 

Donald McLeod 09/01/2017
@support and @ Backers, Lets me start by saying this is my limited interpretation of what I have read and seen this far. So we start out with the fact that the Ice Vest 1.0 was never sent out to backers. A group of these backers from 1.0 get angry and want refunds. Some refunds are given and the rest of the backers are told they will get the 2.0 vest. So now me a 2.0 backer believes this company already has a 1.0 product and what to upgrade their original design. BUT THIS APPEARS TO BE UNTRUE, really we are just funding production of the original slightly modified to fit legal requirements to prevent further lawsuits. Now we the 2.0 backers are angry and want our money back. Why are we ANGRY, because this was a scam to save your failing company.

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