End Gas Leaf Blower Pollution in New York: Support NY Senate Bill S1113

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New York State Senator John Liu (D-11th District) has introduced Senate bill S1113 that would eliminate the use of gas leaf and lawn blowers from May 1st - September 30th in an effort to address the health, environmental, and social justice impacts of these dangerous devices. In the Assembly, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (81st District) has introduced the companion bill, A5375

Why is this important? 

NYS needs to promote healthy, livable communities and safe public spaces. Eliminating gas leaf blowers for five summer months is a good start.  Summer is the season we spend more time outdoors, leave windows open and kids are outside playing. There are few leaves if any in the summer.

The gas-powered leaf blower is responsible for a significant amount of fossil fuel use, as well as noise and air pollution. Our cars and trucks require strict emissions testing and regulation. The 2-stroke engines in gas leaf blowers (GLBs) lacks emission control components, releasing 300 times the levels of hydrocarbons as vehicles on the road. According to the California Air Resources Board, running one for 1 hour is equivalent to the pollutants released by driving a car 1100 miles. 

According to the NY Department of Conservation, leaf blowers push 300 to 700 cubic feet of air per minute at 150 to 280mph. That is hurricane-force winds, creating dust that contains dangerous particulate matter, pollen and mold, animal feces, heavy metals, and chemicals from herbicides and pesticides. On the issue of noise, even new gas-powered leaf blowers may generate noise levels over 105 dB at the operator's ears. Cumulative exposure to this level of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. 

Studies have shown that there are no negative economic impacts to landscape companies in places where GLBs are restricted. People without power or privilege are being asked to use this equipment on a daily basis, causing them to sacrifice their future health. Unfortunately, many of these workers are not aware of OSHA regulations requiring the proper use of PPE. 

Sign this petition to be part of the solution to end excessive noise pollution and environmental impacts from leaf blowers, and to regain our quiet communities one at a time. Hundreds of municipalities in the United States have restricted the use of gas leaf blowers.  Some cities and towns like Washington D.C and Larchmont, NY, as of January 1, 2022, will not allow their use at any time. Initiatives like these helps ensure the use of more environmentally-friendly and health-conscious methods. If you'd prefer a stricter bill or to eliminate them year-round, please consider signing this petition and making your concerns known in the comments section. 

***Please share this petition on social media, and contact Senator Liu and Assemblyman Dinowitz to gain support for the passage of this bill in 2021!***