Support MTB Trail Development in Niseko ニセコのマウンテンバイクトレイル計画を応援してください

Support MTB Trail Development in Niseko ニセコのマウンテンバイクトレイル計画を応援してください

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Please sign our petition to show your support of NAMTBA and our plans for mountain bike trail development in Niseko.



The Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association (NAMTBA) was conceived in spring of 2021 after a group of 6 local riders came together seeking to improve and advocate for mountain biking in Niseko. Fast forward one year, this group and its momentum have grown from 6 local folks having casual cafe chats to an accredited Non Profit Organization (NPO), 20+ members strong with funding and approval to commence trail construction in summer of 2022. 


NAMTBA is now embarking on multiple projects in collaboration with the Niseko community and government bodies and our once lofty vision is now achievable: “A united Niseko area with a common mission to create a world class sustainable mountain bike community, and ecosystem.” 

NAMTBAは現在、ニセココミュニティや政府機関と協力し、複数のプロジェクトに着手しており、かつての高邁なビジョンは今や達成可能なものへ着々と進んでおります。 私たちはニセコエリアが一つとなる礎を築き、皆が「世界レベルの品質、かつ環境にやさしく持続可能なマウンテンバイクコミュニティーを作る」という同じ使命、同じ目標に向かい活動を進めていくことを推進していきます。 

Our NPO board consists of 24 members, among our ranks you’ll find the GMs of two ski resorts, town council members, local business leaders, the president of the local tourism association and the president of Hokkaido’s largest forestry company. You'll also find equitable representation of nationalities, genders and rider experience levels. 

NPO理事会は24名のメンバーで構成されており、理事にはスキーリゾートの代表者、町議会議員、地元のビジネスリーダー、観光協会会長及び副会長、北海道最大規模の林業会社の代表取締役、その他いろいろなシーンにおいて地元で活躍している志の高いメンバーが在籍。 様々な国籍、性別、年代、マウンテンバイク経験レベルも初心者からエキスパート、実に多種多様な価値観を持った人財が活動しています。


We are now looking for support of our first project; Twin Peaks Bike Park. 


Planned and designed in collaboration with Swiss trail experts Allegra, Twin Peaks will be a beginner friendly, free-to-use park with 20-30 kms of trails. 


Twin Peak’s prime location (situated between Niseko Grand Hirafu and Hanazono ski areas) plays a key role in our masterplan as a development pipeline for future riders and a link between these two resorts.



Mountain biking is all about keeping the wheels turning, all about momentum – NAMTBA has momentum. We've got an all star team serving on our board and strong relationships with area stakeholders and municipalities. We've got all the ingredients needed to succeed, but we cannot do so without your support. Supporting or partnering with NAMTBA helps us to continue breaking trail & brings us nearer to realizing our mission; to transform Niseko into Asia's premier mountain bike destination.

私たちにはあなたのサポート、さらなる仲間が必要です。 あなたがNAMTBAをサポートまたは私達と連携してくださることで、私たちは私たちの使命、「 ニセコを世界有数のマウンテンバイクの目的地に変えること」の実現に近づくことができます。


Thank you for supporting NAMTBA.
Questions? Wanting to support our mission? Reach out to us below: 


Instagram: @nisekomtb
Facebook: @nisekoareamtbassociation

929 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!