Support Missouri School for the Deaf

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The current jail in Fulton, Missouri is becoming dilapidated and crowded, so government officials from Callaway County are considering moving the county jail into a vacant building, Rice Hall, on the Missouri School for the Deaf's (MSD) campus. This may be the cheapest option, but a price cannot and SHOULD NOT be put on the safety of children and the community or the culture of the Deaf community. If this decision goes through, students will feel unsafe at the place they call home, parents might stop sending their children, and the school risks closing altogether. Having inmates on the campus itself raises countless safety concerns for not only MSD but the surrounding community as well. MSD is a cherished center for the Fulton Deaf community, rich in culture and quality education for Deaf children. If the school closes, Deaf children and the community will not have the option to experience the beauty that is MSD, being surrounded by those who know their language and treasure their culture.

Deaf community members and hearing allies must come together to support MSD in a peaceful but powerful way! By signing this petition, we can make our thoughts heard by the officials involved in this process, hopefully demonstrating the true importance and value of the school to this community. YOU have the power to make a difference, and we need your support now more than ever. Help us keep this school safe and supported for the students, the community, and the future generations!