Free Tony Rutherford!!

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On behalf of Tony Rutherford, We, his family, friends and supporters are humbly asking you to grant clemency to Tony.

Tony Rutherford is currently serving a 20 year sentence for a non violent drug offense and has been incarcerated for over 10 years. Tony has taken full responsibility for his actions. He has maintained an exemplary record and has had no incident reports the entire time that he has been incarcerated. Tony's original sentence was a result of harsh sentencing laws which have since been amended, and if these laws had been in place at the time of his sentencing, he would have completed his prison term by now.

From the time Tony Rutherford entered prison, he has worked tirelessly on his personal improvement and rehabilitation. He has maintained a positive focus during his incarceration and has taken advantage of every opportunity afforded to him for personal growth and education. He has completed numerous programs while in prison, including How to avoid recidivism, Pre-release preparation, as well as earning 3 degrees from Coastline Community College, including Business, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Tony is now in the process of writing programs for children and families who would like to participate in child development and counseling classes.

Tony Rutherford has a strong support system in place in Lincoln, Nebraska and a loving family waiting for him to come home. Tony is looking forward to being reunited with his wife and children and becoming a positive and active member of his community.

Please sign the petition and help Tony Rutherford come home to his family.

Thank You!