Supermarkets: Stop Selling Suffering!

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Many of the UK’s leading supermarkets are selling suffering. Suppliers for Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Asda, Coop, Iceland, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl are breeding millions of overgrown FrankenChickens who are unable to stand under their own bodyweight, forcing them to lie in their own waste inside overcrowded sheds until they are slaughtered at just a few weeks old.

Chickens are gentle, sensitive individuals who feel fear and pain every bit as much as our beloved pets. No animal deserves to lie in their own waste or live in chronic pain. 

Change is possible. Waitrose and M&S have signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment, which will make significant changes to the lives of chickens and end the worst farming practices, but other supermarkets are refusing. 

While many individuals have suffered through the COVID-19 pandemic, big supermarkets have won out; making huge surges in profits. They are so powerful, that they hold immense sway over the way chickens are farmed across the UK and beyond. The decisions supermarkets make now, will seal the fate of millions of animals. We must urgently convince the supermarkets that are dragging their heels to change their ways!

Thank you,

Chris Packham, Naturalist and Broadcaster


The Humane League UK, Open Cages, Animal Equality & RSPCA