Acknowledge the rampant cheating in Clash of Clans, and provide transparency in your efforts to fix the the problem.

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Acknowledge the rampant cheating in Clash of Clans, and provide transparency in your efforts to fix the the problem.

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Rejuvyn Laolong started this petition to Supercell

Gaming is becoming more and more of a mainstream form of entertainment.  As one of the biggest success stories in the mobile gaming industry, Supercell is in a position to set the expectations and precedents for the next generation of game developers.  

Having established a massive fanbase in their hit mobile game "Clash of Clans", the introduction of the highly anticipated Clan Wars also led to rampant cheating, mostly in the form of using 3rd party applications for unfair advantages (sandboxing war attacks). Unfortunately, Supercell's response to this has been to censor any discussion or complaints about the cheating and to tacitly condone their use among the most visible and high level players, despite the knowledge that these players are violating the TOS.

Supercell's willingness to look the other way on the problems have caused frustration and anger from the players who have chosen to invest considerable time and money in the game while honoring the TOS and playing fair.  There has been no visible progress on combating the cheating, and the problems have continued to expand over the course of several months.

This sets a poor example for future game developers, as they become aware that Supercell is profiting extensively from their players while ignoring the fact that a large portion of them are breaking the terms of the TOS and degrading the quality of the gaming experience for others.  Developers should continue to strive to maintain a high level of quality in their products and establish clear communications with their players.  Failure to do so sends the message that a company's responsibility to uphold their end of the contract is absolved after the players have paid for their product.

We are asking Supercell to cease their censorship of the issue and begin to provide monthly updates on their ongoing efforts to combat the problem of cheating.  A dialogue needs to be opened up between the company and the paying players in order for the problem to be resolved, and to set a positive example for game companies down the road.



* You do NOT need to use your real name.  Feel free to use your in-game name for your first name, and your clan as your last name!  (You can fill out your address out as "n/a" to further protect your privacy.)

* I will be emailing updates on this petition as it gains momentum and when I contact Supercell.  However, I will be careful not to send too much mail about this, so do not worry about getting spammed by me.

* Your signature will not be visible on this page unless you leave the "Display my signature" box checked and also provide a comment.  Comments of support are welcome!

* 2/18/2015 - In less than 2 days we've quickly passed 2000 signatures!  Currently I am setting a tentative goal of 5000 signatures before I approach Supercell with this.  Keep spreading the word!

 * 3/05/2015 - Unfortunately, just about every Clash site I have approached has declined to link this petition, for various reasons.  Most notable are the ones who fear repercussions from Supercell if they were to openly support this.  Signatures have trickled almost to a crawl, so I will be setting a much more achievable goal of 3000 signatures instead of 5000.  More to come later, as I have noticed the same "arguments" from opponents of this petition over and over.  I will provide some responses to these here.

* 4/26/2015 - All correspondence attempts with Supercell have been ignored.  3 emails were sent with a 1 week waiting period in between with no responses.  At this time, I will be ceasing all endeavors.  Thank you for your support.



  I am the former leader of the Reddit Troopers, a war clan which has remained on the top 10 list for war wins since the start of Clan Wars.  The clan is part of a family of clans called the Reddit Clan System, a group of about 100 clans dedicated to mature, friendly, and cheat-free gaming.  I also used to help moderate the Clash of Clans subreddit.

  I stepped down from leadership and decided to quit the game in protest of the cheating.  I will instead be maintaining this petition and working towards opening communications with Supercell.

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This petition had 3,544 supporters