Petition for State Road 32 Pathway in Kamas Valley

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Residents and visitors of Summit County, UT petition the Summit County Council for the completion of a safe, non-motorized pathway along SR-32 in the Kamas Valley.

In 2001-02 the Summit County government along with Mountainlands Association of Governments began the project for a paved, pedestrian friendly pathway paralleling the east side of State Road 32, connecting the communities of Kamas, Marion and Oakley.  Funds were sourced, bids were requested, and work was approved.  

Nearly two decades later, funding for the completion of the project has yet to be allocated and residents of southern Summit County are still without a means of safe, healthy transportation in the Kamas Valley.  Currently, SR32 has a minimal shoulder that does not provide adequate room for safe, non-motorized travel while vehicle travel has greatly increased.  

Summit County Council: Supporters of this petition are requesting information and a timeline regarding the completion of a paved pathway along the east side of SR-32 in the Kamas Valley. We are advocating for community connection, safe travel for current and future generations, and increased access to outdoor recreation.  Signed petitions will be presented in bulk to the Summit County Council on behalf of a community request to reinvest in this vital project.