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Stop the cruel slaughter of stray dogs in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. A city that has not yet recovered from the war in the 90s, can barely take care of it's peope, let alone stray dogs. So our goverment is once again taking an easy way out: the reopening of the Sarajevo Pound, whose sole purpose is to torture and kill strays. An institution that has killed millions of strays in the crulest ways ( with axes, iron bars, electrocution and starvation) cannot be reopened. It is our obligation to prevent the vicious slaughter of innocent stray dogs.

In my life I've never been bitten by a stray dog, and neither has anyone who's treated them nicely. Most of the strays are frightened, starved and sick. They need to be put in shelters where they will be given proper medical care, food, love and warmth. They are not to be put in an unhygenic enviroment, where they will face even more starvation and torture, and where they will eventually be butchered with axes or beaten to death.

These strays face enough problems already. Last year in February a group of hunters collected some dogs from the town square, took them to the woods, shot them and threw them in a mine field. A couple of years ago, a dog was raped with an umbrella and some kids put a fire cracker in another dogs mouth and let it explode. Needless to say, he didn't survive. As you can see, the situation is already awful as it is, and the last thing these dogs need is more torture. I urge all of you who are kind-hearted and care for the well-being of animals to sign this petition and and signal boost it. With enough signatures I will contact the local association for animal wellfare, and we will deliver this to the Goverment of Sarajevo Canton. Hopefully, we will be successful.

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