Stop the Opening of Cegeps and Universities

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Hi everyone! This is an extremely difficult time for us all. We’ve already been dealing with this pandemic for close to a year, and with Legault’s decision to re-open cegeps and universities, I don’t think this horrible situation will get any better! There was 27 cases in Quebec when everything first got shut down, and now at approximately 1,000 cases per day, it is obvious that opening cegeps and universities will only worsen this situation, and require another full lockdown in a few weeks.

By this point i’m sure we are all fed up of the reality we are living. I think I speak for most of us when I say that I am exhausted! We don’t want to be home anymore, we want to socialize with those we care for most, and ultimately just go back to living our pre-pandemic lives! 

However, in order for this to be accomplished we need to stay home for a little while longer! Going back to school will cause cases to increase, and probably even postpone the end of this pandemic. If you sign this petition maybe we will be able to prevent the rise of cases, and soon go back to living our normal lives!