Take action against Olivia Penwell from Shippensburg University

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A few days ago, Olivia Penwell of Shippensburg University posted a photo to her Instagram. The photo consisted of her and three other people posing with two signs. One sign contained the words “F*** Biden and Harris” and the other sign was a Black Lives Matter sign with the words “do not” written in to make the sign appear to say “Black Lives Do Not Matter”. Not only is Olivia Penwell smiling in this picture, but she is also a criminal justice major at Shippensburg University. 

We, the students of Shippensburg University, are calling on the administration to take serious action against this student. As a school who prides itself in being an inclusive and safe environment for everyone, the actions of this student do not meet with this. Penwell is studying to become a future member of the justice system, which is unsettling because she believed posting something of this nature would be acceptable. If this past year has taught us anything, it should have taught us the we must take serious action against instances of this nature. Shippensburg administration, please do your duty and hold this student responsible. No one who believes that specific people’s lives do not matter should have the chance to be an officer. We are calling on you to do something about this before it is too late. Please show your students, and community, that this behavior and mindset is not acceptable. Save a potential black life before it is too late.