Due to CoronaVirus: Ryerson University needs to switch to Online Courses

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These last couple of weeks Ryerson University has been informing students, via email, that although the COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) isn't an immediate threat to our community we should take safety precautions but the best precaution we could possibly take is for the school to switch to online classes for the remainder of the year. Or, an alternative option would be; making classes optional and having professors post all the content online so that students who would like to stay home and keep themselves safe have the option to do so without the fear of missing important information. As we've seen around the world, countries and universities are taking steps to protect their citizens and students, so why isn't Toronto? Ryerson has an obligation to their paying students to make sure they are safe. Many of us commute and have to take public transportation, it's NOT safe. Wouldn't it be better for the university to take the necessary precautions now rather than lose thousands of dollars later? I think so. THIS IS A PANDEMIC. So, sign the petition below because change never happens unless a community comes together!