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Change High School Start Times to 8:30 am or Later

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CMS has High Schools starting at 7:15 am unaware of the consequences that early high school start times have on teenagers. Teenagers have a circadian rhythm that make them fall asleep easily around midnight and wake up about eight hours later. However, early high school start times created by CMS mess with teenagers circadian rhythms by forcing them to get up often between five and 6 am.  Coupled with their natural tendency to fall asleep later in the evening, such early school start times lead to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can cause many problems in teenagers. The number of cases of depression, anxiety and suicide is at a high due to early high school start times. Therefore, CMS must start high schools later on in the day to accommodate teenagers' circadian rhythms to decrease the problems caused by sleep deprivation which includes cases of depression, anxiety and Suicide. Without the support of students, teachers, parents and administrators CMS will continue to start high schools at unreasonably early hours which will increase the number of mental health issues  in high school students. We see an  increased number of absences, students sleeping in class and in cases of severe sleep deprivation depression, hospitalizations and suicide.  If CMS started high schools later in the day there would be a decrease in cases of depression and anxiety as well as the number of suicides in teenagers. WE NEED YOU. Without YOU CMS will not change High School start times.   CMS can easily  push the start time for teenagers back to later in the day. I need YOU to make this a reality. We all need to stand together against early high school start times and be the fight for a change. Together we can change High School start times for teenagers and create a positive trend where teenagers are not depressed,anxious and suicidal. Join Me and we can make something impossible possible!

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