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STOP WORLD DOG SHOW IN SHANGHAI/CHINA 2019 unless of an animal welfare law

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SHANGHAI in CHINA want to host a WORLD DOG SHOW in 2019. It seems to me as a bad joke. This country has the most bad treatment to dogs in the "famous" barbaric dog and cat meat trade. Millions of dogs and cats were abused to death for consumption. Not only the eating is a problem, it Is the torture. Imagine, there were dogs COOKED , BURNED,SKINNED ALIVE. beaten , hang up,DISMEMBERED ALIVE. DRAGGED BEHIND CARS. The treatment at transport is also horrible, without food and water in to small cages so many of them not survive or get big enjuries. For this trade were stolen pets too. Do you want find your pet in this condition ? China needs an ANIMAL WELFARE LAW urgent.  

Without it, China deserve NOT HOSTING THIS WORLD DOG SHOW. When somebody loves dogs as a pet, as a companion, as a friend , would be never go there. The most cruel place for a dog is CHINA. There are also marderdogs for fur which treated also barbaric.. Beaten to death near the others .China has to think about for its relationship to animals. WITHOUT A LAW NO SHOW. 




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