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Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival 强烈要求玉林政府取缔惨绝人寰的玉林狗肉节

Du Yufeng of Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre in Guangyuan, China has written a letter to the Mayor of Yulin, to ask that the Yulin Dog Meat Festival be stopped. We are currently supporting Du by raising money to help her build her a bigger shelter for dogs rescued from the meat trade and wanted to help her by gathering as many signatures from around the world as we can, using her original letter with her permission, to send to Mayor Han Yuanli (Mayor Han Yuanli has since been transferred so there is an acting Mayor -Wang Kai) and urge him to stop this 'festival'. Du wants the world to know about this cruel festival and asks that you contact the media in your country to tell them what is happening in Yulin. Please sign and share far and wide. Help the Chinese activists to put a stop to this. Thank you

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Letter to
Acting Mayor of Yulin Wang Kai
Dear Yulin Municipal Party Secretary, Mr. Mayor

The annual Guangxi Yulin June 21 Summer Solstice "Dog Meat Festival" has entered the countdown. Local volunteers reported tens of thousands of dogs and cats have been hoarded and ready for the tragic 'dog feasting'event .
The horrible barking of dogs pierce the sky under the gloomy Yulin City's farmer markets .Dogs are mercilessly clipped and then beaten with sticks on the head then slaughtered in the throat with butcher knives, some dogs are stabbed on the abdomen and left bleed to death. The cruellest part is that butchers throw still-struggling dogs into boiling pots of to kill them. Fur and skin is peeled after the boiling, and then the internal organs pulled out and then roasted on fires. The scene is appalling and shocking! Prior to being killed they went through a long and painful suffering: cats and dogs are captured and kept in narrow crowded cages, without food or drink and mostly with broken legs and tails. They are transferred long-distance, some pregnant cats and dogs give birth during the transfer and the newborn kittens and puppies fall out from the gap and are killed, some die of infections in such a crowded environment, all this suffering before some exceptionally cruel method of slaughter.
Medical studies has reported that meat from animals that endured immense suffering contain a large amount of toxins, they contain large quantities of carcinogenic elements and are harmful for human consumption.
God pity cats and dogs and the human consumption of them: prohibit slaughter!
Dogs and cats are intelligent animals, their IQ is equivalent to toddlers.
The process of being kidnapped, trafficked and massacred causes pet owners fear, despair and pain and is something we cannot imagine. Many of these animals were beloved pets that were stolen from pet owners that treated them like their own children. Many lives in despair because the pets they used to spend so much emotions have disappeared. They desperately try anything to find their pets no matter how much money it will cost them.
Eating cats and dogs causes great harm to human health , cat and dog meat on sale in the market has not been through any inspection and quarantine departments, it is a serious threat to the health or safety of the people, in fact, scientific research has confirmed that the cat & dog food is no more nutritious than any other food. In a country that stresses importance to people's food hygiene and safety, the government officials should not encourage unsafe eating habits. The "SARS" outbreaks in 2003 due to excessive animal eating is a lessons to remind us not to make the same mistake.
Dogs and cats has the same genetic make up as human, as companion animals of mankind they should not be eaten, these pets are the victims of unscrupulous black market vendors and consumption of these meats is encouraging these inhumane trades.
Cats and dogs accompany us in life, bring us happiness, many scientific studies show that people with pets have better mental and physical health and improved immune function, cats and dogs can relieve the pressures of life, bring laughter and joy to the family, they are also great companion for the elderly which help to reduce loneliness and dementia. More and more people in China are treating their pets as a part of the family because pets offer unconditional friendship and loyalty.
Dogs have also contributed immense help in the rescue operation in a few natural disaster which is impossible within humans abilitie :
In the aftermath of Sichuan earthquake ,more than 75% of the victims buried under the ruins were rescued with the help of dogs. In the 2008 Olympic Games, the Canton Fair, and many other mega events ,dogs provided smooth, effective and reliable security work, they act as the eyes of the blind leading the blind athletes in the 2008 Paralympics lighting of the torch, they help protect the country and the police; as well as protecting families.
In addition, a growing number of studies have shown that dogs are better than the traditional method of early detection of cancer.
Dogs and cats are friends of human beings, rather than food. Today we have so many food choices, why put our friends and security guards in such pain so we could eat them on the dining table? The consumption of dog and cat meat equals to supporting cruelty and encouraging theft.
Cats and dogs are not suitable to be bred as commercial meat, greed has driven some unscrupulous people to kidnap pets in order to satisfy the appetites of individual people. A large number of pet dogs and cats were stolen and hunted, trafficked and massacred and sold in underground markets, ultimately leading to clashes between pet owners and traffickers and planted instability problems, counter to the Chinese dream of building a harmonious society and ecological civilization.
If the government does not ban this tragic Yulin summer solstice day "dog feasting Festival", it means the government also encourages illegal theft and black meat market. If there's no demand, there wouldn't be any supply. We urge the high ranking officials in the Yulin government to implement the legacy of Prime Minister Li Keqiang on food safety issues, the public health should never be compromised with unscientific, unsafe, unsanitary and uncivilised pet animals eating habits, such "culture" should not be respected and admired, culture and traditions should not become an excuse for cruelty.
Many inhumane "age old traditions" such as slavery, women with bound feet, child brides, and opium, etc., were abandoned , and more than 100 countries and regions have introduced a ban on eating cats and dogs, there, dogs and cats are protected by law and prohibited from being abused and eaten. Indiscriminate slaughter and barbaric customs and cultures are just a handful of bad habits which should not be advocated.
We sincerely hope that the Government will expeditiously implement the Yulin Premier Li Keqiang's speech concerning food safety: to crack down on illegal slaughtering and untested meat markets, to ensure the health and safety of people, to create beautiful a Yulin, happy homes, a harmonious and healthy tourism image of the city of Yulin , which is free from the ignoranant, brutal and uncivilized "summer solstice lychee dog Festival. "
Bo Ai Animal protection Centre of Guangyuan







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