Stop the use of harmful chemicals on Australian food

Stop the use of harmful chemicals on Australian food

7 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

We are petitioning our Federal Government to stop the use of potentially harmful chemicals being sprayed on our food during the growing process on Australian farms.

There are chemicals used in Australia that have already been banned in many other countries, such as, the the USA, UK and throughout Europe.

Here are some examples of chemicals used in Australia, but are banned overseas;

Paraquat: This chemical is banned in over 50 countries and has possible links to Parkinson’s disease!

Neonicotinoids: Neonicotinoids are a family of pesticides that threaten the pollination of crops!

Atrazine: There is evidence that this chemical may cause cancer. Atrazine Also causes disruption in eco systems and waterways!

Chlorpyrifos: This chemical has been linked to brain damage in children!

We are asking our government to review the current chemicals used on Australian crops and to outlaw potentially harmful chemicals that may have a devastating impact on the health of Australian’s and the Australian environment.

The use of these chemicals affects all Australians as it is directly affecting our local food system at the original source.

If we get enough signatures on our petition, we are hoping our government will take this issue seriously, just as many other countries already have done, and outlaw the use of potential harmful chemicals on our food.

If this petition doesn’t get momentum and/ or our government doesn’t make any changes, nothing will change and these chemicals will continue to be sprayed on Australian crops. 

Join us at Garden of Vegan as we try to make a positive difference to the health and environment of our nation. 

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Signatures: 19,294Next goal: 25,000
Support now