Stop The Trophy Hunt of Wyoming Grizzly Bears

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Yellowstone grizzlies have recovered from near extinction.

However, Wyoming’s own Game and Fish Chief Warden, Brian Nesvik sees a potential hunt as “part of the success story” of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly population. The recovering of grizzly populations is a result of protections.

Without those protections and a policy of peaceful coexistence, grizzlies will disappear again.

In the 1970's, hunters and trappers decimated grizzly bear populations across the US. Why should we allow history to repeat itself? Today grizzly bears face even more threats from climate, habitat loss, development, mining and an increase in deaths by automobiles. A hunt this time could mean they may never recover. Is that a risk we are willing to accept?

How can we trust that any hunt will be conducted in a conservative manner when it would be lacking scientific merit?

We see the transparent interests at play in pursuing this hunt: ranchers, trophy hunters, and opportunistic mining companies and developers. We will not stand by as these self serving interests greedily advance their personal agendas.

A hunt would not only disturbs the balance of nature, but it would have negative consequences for eco tourism. With grizzly bears serving as the main draw, “government and independent economists have placed the combined value of nature-based tourism in Yellowstone and Grand Teton at close to one billion dollars annually. (NPS 2016 Report)

Clearly, the motivation for a Wyoming bear hunt is recreational, trophy hunting. It serves no biological or conservation purpose.

We must commit to conserving wildlife and protect it for the benefit of all Americans and future generations. Unscientific hunts directly oppose conservation efforts. Therefore, we ask the addressed parties to end the pursuit of a grizzly bear hunt in Wyoming.

NPS Report:


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