Stop the Summer Roundups of America's Mustangs & Burros

Stop the Summer Roundups of America's Mustangs & Burros

June 27, 2010
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Started by M. Silver

America: We now have more wild horses in captivity, 38,000, than in the wild- please take a moment to add your comments below and then follow up with a call.

These are public lands, public horses, public tax-dollars. Over 100 horses just died in the last major roundup. We owe it our wild horses and burros to stop these summer roundups 

Call on Congress to conduct hearings & investigations into the BLM's blatant mismanagement of our American Wild Horses and Burros - Demand a moratorium for our wild herds.

The Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, passed by a unanimous Congress in 1971, was supposed to ensure these charismatic symbols of freedom, a keystone of our heritage, were protected.  Shockingly, there are now far more wild horses in government holding pens than in the wild.  Wild populations have been slashed, their ranges reduced to only a mere fraction of our public lands and shrinking fast across the West.  Charged by Congress with the protection and management of our wild herds, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) instead views “more horses as more problems.”  And it would appear that BLM is on an unrelenting mission to eliminate them from their designated ranges- our public lands. 

Wild horses must stay in the wild in the West, not on expensive eastern "preserves" in unnatural, sterile and separated groups at immense cost to taxpayers -- as proposed by Secretary Ken Salazar.

Call for an immediate moratorium on roundups. 














"Look back at our struggle for freedom, Trace our present day's strength to its source; And you'll find man's pathway to glory Is strewn with the bones of a horse."  --Anonymous.  

Visit for more information, photos and updates on our wild herds.












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This petition had 6,283 supporters

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