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Stop the senseless killing and abuse of bats -- Require zoos to control their bat populations humanely.

Bats may seem scary to some, but in reality they are amazing creatures. They can eat hundreds of insects an hour controlling diseases like West Nile Virus and helping farmers reduce their need for harmful pesticides in agriculture. They also pollinate and disperse seeds, helping to keep our ecosystem vibrant.

These animals need our help. In an effort to control their excess bat populations, zoos across America are supplying “extra” bats to research facilities where they are ultimately euthanized. Some of these facilities have even resorted to culling their bat populations themselves others have gone so far as to unload their “excess” bats onto unscrupulous dealers in the pet trade. These poor creatures usually end up in cramped cages where they are used for breeding. Their babies are often ripped away from their mothers and then sold to the public. But bats aren’t meant to be pets and they typically die within their first year.

Please help me save some of nature’s most amazing creatures by asking the USDA to require zoos to control their bat populations humanely. If zoos take proper steps to avoid bat overpopulation, then we can save bats from being euthanized or sold as pets.

These animals don’t deserve this type of treatment and it is up to us to demand better. Join me in calling on the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to create regulations requiring zoos that keep bats to control their bat populations humanely.  

Please sign my petition and together we can make a difference.  

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