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Help Stop the Profiting/Breeding of White Tigers and the Lies Sold to Tourists!

We are Ashley, Trey, Mckenzie, Sienna, and Maria, students of a 6th grade class at Bridgewater Middle School and we want to help Big Cat Rescue of Florida  and raise awareness about the plight of the white tigers. Companies like the Cincinnati Zoo  and the MGM Grand tell millions that these "rare" tigers are the result of "recessive genes" and take no accountability for the lies they sell one tour at a time.

White tigers are not a rare species of tiger! They are not the result of a recessive gene! They are inbred between siblings and parent/offspring to have the highest chance of pure white coloring and blue eyes. These tigers suffer from painful mutations in their face, and are more prone to cancer, sensitivity to light, heart murmurs, and rarely survive to maturity. If they are not cosmetically correct, they are abandoned and forgotten. Zoos, circuses, the Mirage in Las Vegas, and attractions around the world are not telling the truth about these poor animals. They don't want you to know the pain these animals endure from mutations. They don't want you to know that they cant be re-released into the wild because their white coloring makes it impossible to sneak up on their prey. They don't want you to know that they suffer from cancers, paralysis, blindness, and facial abnormalities, including but not limited to crossed eyes, lameness, sudden death, and blood disorders.

Do not visit attractions with white tigers, do not support their lies. Spread the word and petition the Cincinnati Zoo, and MGM Grand in Las Vegas to let these animals live out their lives in peace and stop their promotion for profit. Help see that white tigers are not continuously bred for profit through lies. Contact the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and ask them to increase the efforts of their ban on breeding these tigers by discontinuing the promotion of white tigers and making captivity illegal for new tigers in attractions and zoos worldwide. Ask them to use funds to provide the remaining tigers a safe sanctuary out of the public eye, and spread the truth of their suffering, and not the lies the zoos sell tourists for profit. Continue and further the ban by making the genetic modification and breeding of these tigers undesirable with maximum fines and penalties. Breeders all around the world are treating these tigers like pups in puppy mills; trying to obtain the perfect coloring through the reckless, intentional, derogation of the their bloodlines, and are intentionally causing harm and pain to these beautiful, majestic cats. 

Spread the truth about the cruel inbreeding of white tigers and the genetic mutiny of the white tigers and discourage visiting of attractions that profit from their suffering!!!!  

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