STOP the palm oil power plants that will take orangutans and our future away

STOP the palm oil power plants that will take orangutans and our future away

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Shinjiro Koizumi(environment minister)


署名の発信者 森本 隆

Building a huge thermal power plant using palm oil is in the pipeline.

Maizuru City is located in the northern part of Kyoto in Japan, where the natural environment is rich in both forest and marine areas.

It has become a target for the fourth domestic palm oil power plant.
It will be the largest in the country and unprecedented even outside the country
We protest against it.

Palm oil

Palm oil is a significant contributor to deforestation and destroying the habitat of
orangutans, elephants, and many other animals in south-eastern Asia.

Building power plants using palm oil has already been banned in Europe and even in the United States, led by President Trump.
Yet Japan approves them.

Nestle is one of the world's largest food manufacturers, with sales of 8.88 billion yen. They have over 400 factories across the globe. Their usage of palm oil for their products is 460,000 tons per year.
Palm oil consumption in Maizuru plant will be 120,000 tons per year, which is equivalent to 26% of Nestlé.

It will destroy a vast rainforest area of 6383 times as large as Tokyo Dome to make an oil palm plantation to supply that amount of palm oil. Tokyo Dome is a stadium in Tokyo, a size of about 4.7hectars.

Only one palm oil power plant on one location can do severe damage to the earth.

It’s not eco-friendly

Palm oil power plants are also known as biomass power plants.
The word “biomass” gives people a clean and eco-friendly image.
However, in reality, it is just another ordinary thermal power plant.

A Coal-fired power plant is the worst, and a thermal power plant is next in emitting greenhouse gas.
Why do we need such a thing which many countries have already banned?

We do not want

Building a palm oil power plant means burning rainforests and taking wild animals' lives away. 

Also, it will devastate the environment in Maizuru. Many citizens of Maizuru do not want the city to be developed at the cost of many lives and losing a peaceful life.

However, the city is striving to promote the plan because the plant generates 260 billion yen for 20 years.Protecting environment is more important than economic growth. We appealed to city counselors, but most of them turned a blind eye to us.

Exhaust gas and noise affecting the human body

Fukuchiyama city in Kyoto, where the second domestic palm oil-fired power plant in Japan was built in 2017, has been suffering from severe pollution since then.
Many residents are suffering from vibrations and noise generated from the power plant, and exhaust gas that emits a foul odor.
They have asked the company and the city to solve the problems, but nothing has been done yet.

Maizuru’s palm oil power plant will be 40 times larger than Fukuchiyama’s.
We cannot let it happen.

Destroying the earth using our electricity bill

The palm oil power plant generates 13 billion yen annually. It will continue for 20 years, making the total profit to reach 260 billion yen.
They have been forcibly collecting bills using the electricity purchase system, and distribute their profits to only some wealthy people (investors)

It feels like we are paying for promoting the destruction of the earth and also investing in the subsequent environmental damage.

Please sign and share this petition.

We are firmly against the construction of the palm oil power plant in Maizuru city in Kyoto.
It will destroy environments of rainforests in south-eastern Asia and our beautiful Maizuru.

12,006 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 15,000 人に到達します!