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# Stop Yulin Dog meat festival.

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Each year on June 21st, for the annual Chinese Yulin Summer Solstice festival, thousands of dogs are brutally tortured and then beat to death. This grotesque and inhumane event is responsible for tarnishing China's international reputation, and for propagating extreme and unnecessary cruelty to animals, and unhygienic food for the Chinese people. Sadly, many of these individuals have the misconception that beating, skinning, blow-torching and boiling these helpless animals alive increases the tenderness of the meat...... Specifically, there is the necessity to inflict and to sustain suffering as much as possible on the selected creature(s) in order to 'improve the quality' -- read 'taste' -- of the doomed animal(s). To achieve this, the killers use the following techniques to achieve their end results: hanging, then beating to death of the living being. Hanging suppresses the screams of the victim. Beating is done as slowly as possible in order to tenderize the flesh for the diners. Boiling alive and blow-torching dogs and cats alive are two other preferred methods to enhance customer culinary pleasure. All these methods -- and I would not be surprised if the devious human primate has searched the depths of his/her black soul for other sadistic forms of torture leading to death -- are designed to satisfy the palates of indifferent human animals. If individuals can imagine more horrendous ways of depriving living beings of life than the techniques mentioned here -- hanging and beating alive, but not to death, boiling alive, and blow-torching alive -- please let us know. (Poison is not an allowed method.) Many of these dogs were family pets which were stolen from neighbouring areas in China. Last year, thanks to overwhelming international pressure (pressure much like this), YuLin authorities announced that they would not support the festival, and more recently have claimed that the festival wouldn’t happen again. But this simply doesn’t work as they are not providing enough satisfactory, proactive preventative measures to actually prevent this from happening. The word needs to be taken higher because without increased pressure, we can assure you this despicable act of inhumanity will continue. This petition will be taken to the front door of the YuLin Governor, Mr Chun Wu and further escalated to UK, European and USA Authorities. Dogs and cats are not food. In Asia dogs and cats are considered as live stock aminals. Dogs and cats don't deserved to be served on a dinner plate. They are man's best friend. They are loving family members. End dog and cat consumption. End the dog and cat meat trade. End the barbaric toutoure of these poor creatures. Please take 2 minutes to sign this petition and help change history for the better! 

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我们呼吁中国官员 结束这个野蛮和文化上无关紧要的节日。每年约有10,000只狗(包括小狗和怀孕的狗)被活活化,被消灭,被肢解或肢解,在屠宰场被金属棒殴打死亡。狗餐馆业主声称,这些狗在经历, 直到他们的死亡, 几个星期的极端痛苦,创伤和恐惧使得肾上腺素丰富的狗肉味道加赠,并且带来夏至好运。


请站在"我的立场与我"的包通过签署我们的请愿呼吁结束残酷和野蛮榆林节,也敦促中国不允许他们的国际声誉变成一个羞耻的残酷苦难,呼吁中国加入已经形成基本动物权利法的发达国家 。


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