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Without your help on this petition, this beautiful big cat is quickly headed for extinction.  We must show the Governor we all care, and show him with our signatures that he must take action now. This critically endangered big cat is NOT a mixed breed, this cat is 100% pure Florida, look up Puma Concolor Coryi, and it must be saved because it is as much a part of our world as any other precious animal we fight for, and a crucial part of our ecosystem.

PLEASE friends: Advise me if your messages begin to return to you as "undeliverable", so I can address the situation at the Capitol. THANK YOU for your time, caring, and signatures!

Letter to
Governor of the State of Florida Hon. Rick Scott
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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Florida State House
Florida State Senate
President of the United States
Florida Governor
GOVERNOR of the State of Florida, Florida House, and Florida Senate
The purpose of this petition is to make it known to the Government of Florida that it is no longer acceptable to put off a plan to save the critically endangered Florida Panther. Our environment and wildlife has been put at great risk, and it is no longer a "sit back and wait" situation. We must take control and take the state back for our Florida Panthers, and all those suffering the effects of Python and exotic non-native pet dumping, overdevelopment, lack of protection, and safe passage (such as underpasses). We know the time has come for a showdown with the developers and greedy politicians spread out all over our state. If they are allowed to continue to build uncontrollably we will no longer have the state we all know and love, but a skeleton of what once was a paradise. All that we know, all that we have loved all our lives will slowly die and disappear, beginning with our beloved Florida Panther, and just about every unique flora and fauna that reside as natives here in this great state. Roads and unnecessary development shouldn't drive land use decisions, and support is needed without the fear of a cut-off date for the Florida Forever Act (the state land acquisition program) to be funded at an increased amount during this next legislative session. We also truly believe that Florida stands much more of a chance against global warming in it's most natural state, than it would as a block of cement. I and all those who co-sign with me, do hereby request an urgent resolution to the non-stop development and abuse of our beautiful state. It is highly suggested that you seek assistance and further protection/preservation concepts from environmental groups that dedicate their work to Florida's wildlife, such as Defenders of Wildlife's Florida Division, Florida Wildlife Federation, and Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge. We also suggest the plan for more underpasses be put into action immediately, there has been too much vacillation on this plan for much too long already.
Respectfully yours,
FL Panther Advocates
Florida, U.S., and Abroad