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Taiwan refuses to enforce its criminal record check requirement for teachers

Rene Helmerichs

Jul 11, 2019 — 

In 2012, a Mormon minister and a college teacher entered an argument about God.  It was a fundamental argument between God and Money, and fact that God, if God, exists equally with all.  It was an endless argument.


The Minister contacted police.  The Minister submitted child abuse allegations, and the Treasurer added that the teacher contacted The Treasurer without permission.


Police arrested the teacher and imprisoned him in a mental hospital.


The argument continued.


At trial, C-13-205-SR in The Superior Court Of Justice at Barrie, Ontario, in June 2014, prosecutors allowed The Treasurer to give false testimony.  The teacher submitted email evidence to disprove the allegations of criminal harassment, and trial judge Gregory Mulligan insisted that he will not allow the teacher, Rene Helmerichs, to submit mental health evidence for his defence.


The argument about God was no longer with just the Mormons.  The argument is currently centered on the Western Medical philosophy that a pill, or potion, can affect someone's thinking without the wilful consent of the individual forced to undergo mind-altering medical treatment.  Simply, because the world is always changing, something must exist to sustain all motion.  That "something" must be constant, super-consistent. 


In legal terms, the law must be consistent and consistency must same-apply.  That means the mind itself is already eternal and cannot be affected by a potion or pill without the belief that a pill can altering the thinking process of a non-physical aspect of self.


Fast-forward to 2019.  The argument is now in Taiwan, The Republic Of China.


The teacher, Rene Helmerichs, explained to a national Taiwan school chain, Sesame Street, the Canadian history.  The school chain hired the teacher to teacher.  But national Taiwan law says that a foreign teacher (and, in fact, every teacher) must submit a recent criminal record check, valid within the last 3 months.


The school denied Mr. Helmerichs the ability to advertise this case, to correct the wrongful Canadian conviction with an eventual international lawsuit from China. 


Taiwan authorities are now concealing the fact that there is absolutely no enforcement of the Criminal Record Check requirement in Taiwan.  In fact, the Tainan District Lower Court (Civil Court) judge trivialized the criminal record check requirement and ruled, on 18 Jan 2019, that Sesame Street lawfully hired Mr. Helmerichs as a teacher.


Sesame Street fired Mr. Helmerichs when he began asking clients for help to reunite with his son.  Somehow, in the insane logic of Sesame Street managers, informing clients that their teacher is a convicted Canadian criminal who was also declared legally insane, and spent numerous years in jail in Canada, constitutes "bad behaviour" and reasonable grounds for termination as a teacher.


One might suppose that the convicted insane criminal truly ought not to be a private school teacher, especially since national Taiwan statutes distinctly emphasize the right of school clients to be protected from such individuals, and the law also stipulates that certain criminals (the ones with criminal convictions like this teacher) cannot be employed as teachers anywhere in Taiwan.


However, given the absolute lack of enforcement, the teacher, Mr. Helmerichs, is still working in Taiwan, and still arguing the point of an utter lack of enforcement of the criminal record check requirement now in the Tainan District High Court.


Technically, if a school is not legally allowed to enter a valid teaching contract with an individual, it certainly can't fire the individual on grounds that the individual committed allegedly bad behaviour for informing school clients about something that the law generally assures should never have happened.


Since the case is somewhere in the realm of "new", "unimaginable", but definitely in the category of "this is a monster of a subject that can be appealed in the Supreme Court on Constitutional Grounds", only time will tell if mainland China, or Russia, or India, will be able to use the national Taiwan human rights violation (occurred in the Lower Court on 18 Jan 2019 toward all Sesame Street clients) to benefit their own international legal reputations.


On 12 July 2019, this email, and attachment, was sent to the Legal Aid Foundation in Taiwan.  The current lawyer is confused about the impact of a mandatory national Taiwan criminal record check requirement, and this poses a definite risk to the international reputation of Taiwan unless the situation is resolved in court.  The High Court is the current court with ability to stop any further damage to the international reputation of Taiwan, the Supreme Court is the next court of appeal should the High Court Judge also insist that Sesame Street did lawfully contravene the rights and safety of their clients:


Rene Helmerichs

14 July 2019

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