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Taiwan Judge Nailed To A Legal Cross

Rene Helmerichs

Mar 29, 2019 — 

On a scale of 1 to 10 for lawsuits, this one rates a perfect 100.  A Republic Of China (Taiwan) judge is about to eat his own judicial verdict, with a dump truck full of evidence demonstrating wilful and intentional negligence. 


This story began in 2012.  A man asks a church for help to write a book, a book that advertises the simple idea of working together for global sustainability.


The story takes a few twists and turns, after a wrongful arrest in Canada and a few psychiatrists who tried to secure the future of psychiatric judicial supremacy.


Our hero lands in Taiwan.  A large chain of Sesame Street English schools picks him up.  They agree to hire him.  He shares his absolutely ridiculous story of having attempted to partner with a pompous church.  Sesame Street managers agree to hide the criminal record.  In fact, Sesame Street managers removed the mandatory requirement from the contract all together.


Our Hero isn't legally allowed to work in Taiwan, for having been accused of all manner of sexual indecency by Mormon Treasurer Ms. Natalie Yewchyn (she's long since changed her name). 


Unfortunately, a judge sort of actually exactly ruled the Sesame Street was completely permitted to hide the criminal record check from a previously suspected bomber, child abuser, and sex-predator-type stalking addict for the Mormon God. 


So here's the lawsuit of, at least, the year.  It's not beatable.  In fact, it's so much larger than a pin-prick with a dirty needle.  It's the kind that'll turn a perfectly good-seeming to vomit its insides out after blood poisoning noticeably quickens the haste to end this one TOGETHER.


My son adds, "The judge'll probably find a way to screw you over."


Possibly, but that's a Western mentality.  Taiwan is actually very geared toward teamwork and the common good.  Possibly because of the recent communist influence--it's cultural.  But in this case, the lawsuit comes equipped with TWO LAWYER WITNESSES, both of whom don't want to lose their job.  So… I'm not so sure.  Stay tuned for updates at .


LAWSUIT (two lawyer witnesses versus one renegade judge (.pdf):


Rene Helmerichs,  

29 March 2019

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