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Stop propaganda of homophobia in the Russian social network VK.com! @durov

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Stop all propaganda of homophobia in the social network vk.com!

Ban all the groups of the "Okkupay-pedophilyay", delete videos which contain scenes of humiliation of human dignity and which aimed to foment intolerance based on sexual orientation; amend the web-site terms: impose an explicite ban of creating such groups and placing such videos in the social network!

One of the episodes displayed by Occupy-pedofilyay, is of a transsexual person being beaten and humiliated. With the video distributed freely over vk.com this gives impressionable young people the idea that it is okay to beat and humiliate LGBT people and will also motivate some of these young people to also engage in similar activities. Our activists have a collection of many horrible videos recorded by people who had harassed an LGBT person to the point of trembling fear and then cruelly beat them, inspired by the "Occupy-Pedophilia" propaganda found on VK.

Homophobia takes horrifying proportions in Russia now.

Hate crimes, discrimination, violence and cruelty, humilitaion and violation of LGTB-people’s privacy - all this takes place in Russian society right now.

Russian government doesn't fight against this, in fact, they keep ignoring the problems of rights violations and LGTB discrimination and creating more and more repressive laws against sexual minorities.

As a result of such politics fake "fighters for morals" have appeared in Russia now. They call themselves "Okkupay-Pedophlilyay", and they are fake fighters against pedophilia. Their leader is Maksim Martsenkevich aka Tesak, who had been convicted for extremism before.

Groups of these people meet gay men by Internet at so called "safari" events. Then, at real meetings, these “fighters for morals” take videos of their humiliating treatment: they beat the victims with cruelty, hold them by force and don't let them to leave the site where all this bullying takes place; by physical and mental violence they force their victims to tell about their private life, intimate relationships and sexual orientation. The “fighters” also pour urine on their victims, write some obscene words with markers on their faces, and also threaten them  with physical harm and with dissemination of information about their private life to their relatives and friends.

The assailants drive their victims to tremor and hysteria. After that they upload these videos on the Internet in the social network vk.com, the largest social network in Russian counting millions of users.

Unfortunately, administration of vk.com follows the same path as the Russian government and panders such antisocial groups. Users’ complaints and demands to delete these videos are being ignored, administrators make up a whole lot of reasons and refuse to delete these videos or ban any of Okkupay-Pedophilyay group. This social network becomes the place where anyone can propagandize violence and cruelty, intolerance and homophobia. We demand that the administration of vk.comshould take the side of humanity, provide tolerance and protection of human rights, stop spreading these videos and ban these criminal groups.

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