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Wayne Cummings started this petition to Northern Ireland Local Government Commissioner for standards

Independent-Unionist, Councillor, Jolene Bunting, has been SUSPENDED from Belfast City Council for a period of 4 months, for daring to criticise ISLAM and defend "ANTI-ISLAMISATION" leaflets, distributed by a group, in South/East Belfast.

Jolene, was democratically ELECTED to serve the good people of Court Ward (Great Shankill), Belfast, back in 2014.

She works dam hard, not only for the people of the Shankill but for ALL citizens of Belfast, who contact her for help and advice with housing, bin collections, benefits, etc.

Not only is Jolene, SUSPENDED for voicing concerns about Islam, but she could also find herself DISQUALIFIED from standing for re-election for 5 years, at the end of the Commissioner’s politically motivated 'WITCH-HUNT'

It is absolutely APPALLING that anyone with a mandate to represent should be CENSORED, for simply expressing concerns raised with them, by their constituents.

"Not to speak would be the great betrayal"

Jolene, has NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE with the police, unlike some Councillors who sit in the same Council Chamber.

Convicted, Bank robbers and Bomb makers sit in Belfast’s council chamber, yet, Jolene is the person accused of "Bringing Belfast City Council into disrepute", you couldn't make it up!!!

Yes, like everyone, Jolene has made mistakes, the 'MEAN MEME' she Tweeted for example, once she realised it may have made light of the Irish potato Famine she took it down and later apologised on a live radio phone-in show.

Maybe you know Jolene, maybe you don't. Maybe you like her or maybe you don't, but whether you support her opinion or not, she MUST be afforded the right to Freedom of Speech.

Jolene, is a strong and courageous, young woman, however she cannot fight, the might of the forces against, alone.

If you support Freedom of Speech you must SIGN and SHARE this petition: email it to your friends, share it on your social media accounts, please help get the word out every way you can.

This is not about Jolene, THIS IS ABOUT DEMOCRACY, why in a democratic society, are we not free to talk about Islam?

This case has made history, the action taken against Jolene is completely UNPRECEDENTED, no other Councillor in the United Kingdom has been reprimand for expressing an opinion, no matter how un-PC!

Please SHARE this petition with your local elected politicians; Councillors, MLA's, MP's, MEP's, anyone with influence?

Ask them, are they prepared to stand for Free-Speech, will they have the balls to support Jolene in her fight for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY?

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments:

Facebook- @CouncillorJoleneBunting
Twitter- @CllrBunting

Other ways to contact Jolene:

Phone- 07876743222
Email- buntingj@belfastcity.gov.uk

If you would like to read more on the LUDICROUS complaints made against her by political opponents, you can do so at:


Media coverage of Jolene's case:



#JusticForJolene #StandForFreeSpeech


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!