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Stop Oil Rig Seismic Airguns Use

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When oil rigs are searching for oil under the seafloor they use seismic air guns. Boats carry these and blast them off at 240 decibels. That is a hundred decibels louder then a jet engine. While this technology does work to find oil it also damages the environment in the process. Since mammals like whales and dolphins are sensitive to noise because their use of echolocation, airguns cause catastrophic effects on the whale and dolphin population in the area being searched for oil Dolphins and whales have been found beached with blood pouring out of their ears because of seismic airguns. For example if oil exploration is able to continue along the east coast then 138,500 dolphins and whales will be injured and perhaps killed. In addition to marine mammals, sea turtles and fish are also injured because of these air guns. A survey taken after a seismic airgun activity showed that catch rates of haddock and cod decreased 40%-80%. Air guns also can cause damage larva and eggs for marine fish. In conclusion not only does seismic air gun injure marine mammals it also injures fish which damages our economy.

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