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Stop Myrtle Beach Musician's License

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It has come to my attention any working musician in Myrtle Beach now needs a Musician’s License at $100 or face a ticket?? What? Are you kidding me??

First the City charges people and residents to park near the beach, then they pass this phony baloney supposedly “Tourist Paid” 1% sales tax increase, which as a full time resident I am paying 12 months / 365 days per year as are all the other year round and full time residents, so we are paying the bulk of this phony tax.

Now any working musician, who most likely is making $100 for the night, which by the way was what we made in 1985, has to get “taxed” by getting a musician license to play a bar, club or restaurant in MB? Are they serious?? AND a license may cost two hundred something dollars as you have to estimate your income, and that goes in to deciding how much your license will cost. I don't think it's always as simple as buying a $100 license, unfortunately.

Why do the bar and restaurants not have an umbrella license to cover acts in their establishment…oh wait they do... It’s called a cabaret license which any bar, club and restaurant has to pay the city in order to have live music.

However now the city wants to put their hands in the pockets of part time or full time musicians?? For what??

We find this new MB Musician's License damaging and unacceptable to this already decimated Music Industry on the Grand Strand.

We wanted you folks in the mayor’s office and council members to know this music industry is hurting terribly from just 10-15 years ago. This is not going to help us or you have quality entertainment in the city of Myrtle Beach. Sign this petition to STOP the Myrtle Beach Musician's License

Rich Johnson
Surfside Beach, SC

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