Save Borneo's nature from Capital City plans: transform Jakarta instead.

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Biodiversity, rainforests, indigenous people and the global climate are under severe threat. We must save the last remaining pristine forest lands on Earth.

The Indonesian government has announced a decision to move the capital city functions from Jakarta to Borneo - East Kalimantan, one of the last remaining oases, already under threat from poachers, clashes between new settlers and indigenous people, growing forest clearing for palm oil production, and logging.

The government states that no protected forest will be cleared – but only 18.9 % of all forests are ‚protected’. All forest areas are important indigeneous ares, fragile biodiversity havens and carbon stores. All become threatened by such an onslaught of capital, infrastructure and population.  

The city is to grow from 20 to 2000 km2, supposedly by 2045. If the experiences of other enforced ‚New Capitals’ planned for distant, indigeous forest lands are any indication, massive semi-planned, informal and slum development is bound to encircle and extend the pristinely planned city, supplying it with the essential labour and services the elite planners usually forgot or could not allow for. In Brasilia even most government employees live in distant 'peri-urban' areas such as Ceilandia, the largest population centre, outside of the 'Ideal City'. These make up the real Brasilia.

Here in East Kalimantan it means that any forest or indigeneous lands the formal city leaves untouched are bound to be destroyed by the inevitably less-than-ideal, unplanned, informal city. 

The transport dimensions are equally disastrous: the new city – enforcing travel by housing essential government functions – entirely depends on highly polluting air and sea transport.

Expanded palm oil, petroleum and coal production are to result - all disastrous to global climate, biodiversity and local populations.

WE MUST PERSUADE THE PRIME MINISTER AND GOVERNMENT OF INDONESIA to halt these plans and find other, sustainable solutions for modern, secure and safe government facilities, while regenerating Jakarta with renewable energy and water sensitive urban design - and the long needed transportation solutions.

Also, there are many other means by which Jakarta and Java's existing urban networks could be used to accommodate a modern and sustainable national government infrastructure.

Some reading can be found below. The second report, by Reuters, spells out or implied that with a different water infrastructure and less reliance on ground water pumping in Jakarta one of the putative main reason for the move - Jakarta is subsiding due to excessive ground water use (another is that traffic is choked) - may cease to exist.