STOP Giant Trucking Corridor through the Blue Mountains

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Catastrophic bushfires in the Blue Mountains scorched the earth, killed thousands of native animals and destroyed property. Our little town, Blackheath, was severely impacted and many of us relying on tourism, lost our livelihoods. And with COVID-19 there is little hope for a ‘snapback’. Now the NSW Government is sending bulldozers to destroy our already devastated town to make way for huge freight trucks, currently not permitted on the Great Western Highway, to cut a mere 10 minutes off their trip!

Without a business case, the NSW Government plans to build a $4.5 billion four-lane highway that will slice through one of our State’s most precious places. This will destroy vital and vibrant communities only to allow giant trucks to access the highway between Sydney and the NSW Central West.

Blackheath sits at the top of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. It’s always been the holiday spot for those wanting to escape the city and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness, the rustic charm of the villages and history that shapes these places.

One proposal suggests building the four-lane highway through a pristine canyon, Centennial Glen, a site of great cultural and ecological significance, loved by climbers and bushwalkers. People will lose their long-held homes and historical sites will be flattened.

Another proposed route would tear through the historic heart of Blackheath, destroying nearly 150 family homes and over 70 local jobs. The tranquillity for which this part of the Blue Mountains is known would be gone forever.  This same horror will also be inflicted on majestic Medlow Bath, historic Mount Victoria and through the beautiful Hartley Valley.

Please help stop this project to save our people, towns and wilderness that has already suffered so much. Sign this petition to tell the NSW Government that it is not okay to sacrifice our towns, communities and bushland just so that 30-metre Super B-doubles can travel on the highway and save 10 minutes.

Get freight on rail and trucks off our roads!