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Stop Fraudulent Cancer Fund of America in Knoxville TN - Prosecute Them Now!

In the last 3 years alone this group has raised more than $115 million in donations by using deceptive marketing. They often tell donors that 100% of the funds go to help patients with cancer. In reality less than 2 cents of each dollar raised goes to help cancer patients. A much larger portion goes to pay the CEO sized incomes of the family run charities. James T. Reynolds Sr, James Reynolds Jr and Reynold's ex-wife all have salaries that exceed $225,00 per year each. They have over a dozen family members on such large salaries and in the 3 year period paid $75 million back to solicitors to raise even more money for them.

Rather than sending real help the group sends things like paper plates, napkins and stuffed animals to adults. Some groups the charity says they support have never heard of them and say they have never had a donation of any kind.

Out of a long investigation into the worst charities in America, The Tampa Bay Times reported that "None are more brazen and incestuous than the Reynolds network." The time to stop this and hold these people accountable is now. Cancer is hard enough on the patient and family members. It is draining emotionally and financially so we ask that people like the Reynolds be shut down so other, credible charities may gain more funding.

This is a multi-million dollar scam and nothing more. The time has come to put these people where they belong, behind bars. When you sign this petition you are doing what most peope won't do about such a crime. You are doing "something."


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Tennessee Attorney General Mr. Robert E. Coooper
Investigate and Prosecute Cancer Fund of America in Knoxville TN

To who it may concern:
We are a group of people who have been touched by cancer in some way. Almost everyone knows or has known someone who has been down this dark road with a relentless disease that takes a toll on families emotionally and financially as well.

This is why we are simply sickened by the actions of "charities" based in Knoxville, TN who profess to help these families but in reality are nothing more than scams. The Cancer Fund of America and it's family associated branches are all running by the same guidelines. This is nothing more than a way to make millions of dollars for personal gain by lying and cheating when seeking donors. The whole operation is run by family members who pay themselves hefty 6 figure salaries. For each dollar they collect they give less than 2 cents back to cancer patients. And, much of this isn't money or even items that can be used. If you are an adult cancer patient would you want a stuffed animal from a group who is professing to help people like you in hard times?

The time has come for someone to step up and do something about this. A common practice of the telemarketers is to tell donors via phone that 100% of the donation will go back to the patients. This alone constitutes fraud since we know that less than 2 percent will actually be returned.

We don't want these people to keep operating in our great state and we respectfully ask that you begin the process of investigating them with full audits and then prosecute them fully.

Thank you for your time.