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Stop forced surgery to change sex in Taiwan. 強烈要求台灣政府廢除「變更性別需手術」之規定.

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In Taiwan you must pay for sex reassignment surgery at your own expense, the operation fees are expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Moreover, the surgery has risks. But Taiwan nonetheless requires that one complete the surgery to change their gender. After transsexuals have started hormone therapy, their bodies start to have physical characteristics of both sexes, but those who don't have money for surgery won't be able to change their legal gender, and can only let their bodies remain in a state of unclear sex. In fact, sex and gender are far more complex and diverse than what we think. We cannot let surgery decide our gender.

The law should not limit only those who have had surgery to change their gender, it should be evaluated on the individual's gender identity and gender role. Surgery is merely something that changes the outer appearance of the genitals, and not the general appearance of the person. Because a person's appearance isn't changed, surgery does not help much in changing the individual's gender role. In addition, requiring intersex people to have surgery to change gender does not make much sense.

Surgery strips away one's original reproductive ability, it can only create a new external appearance, and not a new reproductive ability. No one's reproductive rights should be deprived.

We call on the Taiwanese government to acknowledge transsexual and intersex rights, emulating other countries in formulating a friendly law, to turn Taiwan into an environment friendly toward sexual minority groups.

InterSex, transgender and TransSexual people CARE association (ISTScare)

Standards and recommendations of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. (WPATH):"No person should have to undergo surgery or accept sterilization as a condition of identity recognition." ( )

Countries that allow gender change without surgery: USA, Spain, Hetherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, UK.






InterSex, transgender and TransSexual people CARE association (ISTS care)

世界跨性別健康專業協會(World Professional Association for Transgender Health, WPATH)認為,更改性別不需要手術。 ( )


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