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Stop Forced Genital Mutilation of minor Chase Nebus-Hironimus Specifically this case resides Palm Beach County Florida, Circuit Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen presiding, United States

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Dear Members of AAPU, AAP and AHA, Protect Chase (4) Against Unnecessary, Forced Circumcision Surgery! Uphold your Hippocratic Oaths!
Dear Medical Professionals, it is not the job of a Judge to order a medical procedure. That is the job of a Doctor. Under the Hippocratic Oath, doctors are sworn to "First, do no harm." We believe that forcing a healthy boy to undergo a circumcision surgery, under anesthesia, where there is no medical necessity is doing harm to the patient and involves significant and unnecessary risks to the boy's physical and emotional health. We urge you not to perform this unnecessary surgery.

On 5.22.15 Chase Nebus-Hironimus’ mother, Heather Hironimus was forced, handcuffed and crying in a Florida courtroom, to sign consent for his father to circumcise him. His father has been given permission to travel with him anywhere in the U.S. to schedule the unneeded and risky surgery. We are encouraging all advocates to make a list of your local (or state wide) clinics, especially pediatric urologists, who could be hired to cut Chase and write to them urging them to review Chase's case and *not* circumcise this child against his will. Encourage friends in other areas to do the same

As a growing international community of parents and civil groups, we have great concern for a young child named Chase Nebus-Hironimus regarding the matter of his FORCED CIRCUMCISION.

The minor child Chase is a 4.5 year-old who has verbalized he does NOT want to be circumcised. The testifying urologist in Chase’s case, Dr. Charles E. Flack, opined on May 9th, 2014 that the procedure is not medically necessary. As a result of an ongoing legal battle between the two parents, Chase has been removed from his mother's custody, who has been his protector on the topic, and given to his father, who wants to get him circumcised against Chase's and his mother's will.

A Florida judge has recently ordered Chase's mother to sign a consent for his circumcision, while in handcuffs, and under duress, visible from her photographs in social media.

If Chase is brought to your practice or institution for the purpose of a circumcision, we ask you to consider the following:

We ask you to respect this child's right to his body and genital autonomy.

We ask you to keep in mind that no medical organization in the world recommends circumcision, including the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We ask you to protect Chase from this forced and unnecessary medical interference to his body, which has now become nothing but a tool in a legal custody battle.

We ask you to recognize the inherent risks in all medical procedures, and keep in mind that any doctor performing a circumcision on Chase will be under great scrutiny from the global community.

We implore you to thoroughly review Chase’s medical history, specifically with regard to keloid scarring and tolerance of general anesthesia, when evaluating benefit-to-risk ratio for him.

We ask you to consider the psychological trauma and after effects such an unwanted procedure might cause Chase, not only in the short term, but for life.

Thank you!


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