Stop supporters being scammed by the groups like RTSSG

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The unaffiliated supporter group for the Richmond Football Club, entitled "Richmond Tigers Serious Supporters Group" (hereafter referred to as "the RTSSG") is a closed group on Facebook operated by Peter Arthur. This group has been ongoing for a handful of years and provides Richmond supporters with daily updates about the team and other information regarding the football club. However, all though this may seem harmless, there is a concerning number of people exposed to this group who have been taken advantage of financially. Additionally, there is also serious doubt in regards to this group abiding by Victorian legislation and other rule enforcing bodies. This has been evident in various posts made on the RTSSG advertising functions, raffles, sales and auctions all being offered for inappropriate prices and not to mention the transferring and sale of membership barcodes and tickets.

Unfortunately, these functions operated by the RTSSG are ridiculously overpriced leaving admin to profit. A simple function with one drink included and finger food can range up to over $300 per person. The profiteering out of the clubs name is obvious as to watch the live stream of the 2018 Jack Dyer Medal cost a minimum of $70 entry. This included one drink and finger food. This is simply scandalous as the Richmond Football Club provide the live stream for free on their website. The major concern with these functions, other events and sales is where do the proceeds go? The prices he offers are overpriced and simply unfair on members and supporters. Furthermore, there is no acknowledgement of where the money is going and the RTSSG is not listed as a non profitable group unlike others. Instead Peter Arthur has admitted that the RTSSG is in fact "a business." Hence, what stops the rest of the 100,000 club members and countless supporters from profiteering out of the clubs name? 

Sadly, it does not stop here. In previous years Peter Arthur has made posts on the RTSSG requesting the barcodes of members unavailable to attend finals matches be sent to him for redistribution. This may seem harmless but unfortunately paid up members have missed out on finals tickets thanks to barcodes being handed out to non paid up members of the Richmond Football Club. You may say this is inclusive and a fantastic initiative, giving non members the chance to get first access to finals tickets. But where is the justice for life long suffering members missing out on what is rightly theirs?

During the 2018 finals series, there was a silent auction held on the RTSSG for a finals ticket to the preliminary final in the MCC. This auction had no reserve cap and no final sales price was ever advertised. You can just imagine how much profit was made out of this. Under the regulations of the Melbourne Cricket Club "lending your [ticket] is a serious breach of the club rules," so why should the RTSSG be entitled to sell tickets? Not only does this break MCC ruling but breaks Victorian Legislation. Under current Victorian Legislation in regards to ticket scalping no ticket to any major event can be sold for higher than 10% of its original price. Ultimately, this required the RTSSG to have a capped price on this ticket at the time of sale which was not advertised and left fans desperate for tickets vulnerable.

The transferring of barcodes also happens during the home and away season to bring people into the 3121 club for a cheaper price than the $65 guest pass fee that Richmond enforce. Peter Arthur has advertised the availability of memberships to gain access into the 3121 club with a price attached. This price approximately in the region of $50 per person is going straight into the pocket of Peter Arthur to profit from. Ultimately, the ability for individuals such as those in the RTSSG to sell barcodes and profiteer as if its a business needs to be stopped.

The stories members have shared amongst one another in relation to being ripped off and scammed by the RTSSG are simply deplorable and shocking. These are only some of the facts, not to mention threats and aggressive behaviour being demonstrated as well as promises not being delivered. Unfortunately the number of members innocently falling victim is growing week by week as Peter Arthur cashes in. Ultimately, I in conjunction with countless members strongly believe this issue needs to be resolved not only for the financial security of members and supporters but the integrity of the Richmond Football Club's name. Therefore, the Richmond Football Club or the Australian Football League must step in to rectify this ongoing situation.

*The RTSSG has a registered ABN and therefore is profiting out of the Richmond Football Club's name*

ABN - 47 859 134 453