STOP Pets at Home, Selling Rawhide Dog 'Treats' made with DOG SKINS / Pelts

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Every Rawhide product you give your pet, you're poisoning it, & unwittingly contributing towards 22 million, brutal dog-deaths per year. 

By feeding this KILLER 'TREAT' your pet ingests...

Artificial dyes
Titanium oxide
Glue (any sort)
Artificial flavours
Hydrogen peroxide
An Ash-lye solution

Plus: Carcinogen FD&C Red 40. - A highly toxic recipe of sodium sulphide liming. & Sodium benzoate, a cancer-causing chemical associated with leukemia & other blood cancers. When constantly chewed, its a case of slow, long term poisoning.

Pets At Home sell a huge amount of these dangerous, chews, in many sizes, designs & colours, (especially at Christmas), disguised as toys & in 'stockings'. Dogs WILL choke or die due to buyers being unaware of this horrendous KILLER 'TREAT'

Rawhide has caused ... Stomach torsion, Excruciating pain, Fainting, Sickness, Vomiting, Choking, Diarrhea, Poisoning, Kidney failure, Coma & Death.

Pets At Home are a good chain, (with this exception). I support their VIP programme, but this dangerous money spinner should be banned, to save dogs from being poisoned, choking or dying.      It's a massive contradiction in terms to save animals with their VIP programme, then sell rawhide, which is in turn killing them!

With 370 stores, it would make a huge difference if Pets At Home  stopped importing this horrendous product, & may lead the way for others to follow.

  • Amazon (sell 1000s of hide chews)
  • Jollys pets (61 super stores)
  • Tescos (3,376 stores)
  • Sainsburys (1,374 stores)
  • Asda (525 stores)
  • Morrisons (569 stores)
  • B&M (560 stores)
  • 'Pound' stores
  • The Range (140 stores)
  • Just For Pets (25 stores)
  • Pets Corner (161 stores) they call themselves the 'ethical store', we counted 30 rawhide products on their web page

Not included are online & independent, pet stores.

Up to 22 million dogs a year in China, are being brutalised in order to supply tonnes of processed Hide! - Surely that's worth Signing & Sharing?

Boycott 'rawhide' stock at ALL outlets, not just Pets At Home. All are culpable when they continue to harm our dogs, who are forced to chew on their distant cousins (DOGS and CATS).

Hide products are indigestible; once swallowed, hide (& poisons)  sit in the stomach causing an obstruction & leading to many a dog's death. There's not enough time to get to a vet to surgically remove this sickening product. Dogs have fainted, become comatose & been sick, & in agonising pain for days.

From comments

  • Our dog choked to death on one of the raw hide bones bought from PAH.Guy Hughes, Reading, UK
  • I've seen my dogs chocked many times on these hideous treats. Vicky Stead, CRAWLEY, UK
  • a friends dog choked to death on one. Kay Brown, Horden, UK
  • My dog has been sick and choked on these rawhide chews. Kath Boyle Bristol, UK
  • It killed one of my friends cat. Pamela DeRose, Oceanside, CA

The vast majority of heavily processed hide (incorrectly promoted as Rawhide) comes from China. - Stolen domestic dogs & unfortunate, trusting, street dogs are trapped, brutely transported to 'processing' locations & cruelly, hung by their paws for days, while being continually beaten with iron bars or shovels. The Chinese believe that terrorising dogs prior to skinning & boiling them alive, for human consumption, makes their meat taste better

China's 'Dog Meat Trade' & 'Fur Trade', export & supply approx. 85% of the world's leather. Dog meat is used for public consumption in China, fur pelts are used to make coats, footwear, toys & decorate clothing, trinkets, handbags & shoes - (worldwide, we are wearing these products). Tonnes of pelts are used to make millions of Hide dog chews. Dog skins are sent to Italy, India, Germany the US, all of whom (but not only those countries), use dog pelts to make items we wear. Don't take my word, see PETA'S video which supports my claims - 

Eating dog meat has not stopped at China's borders. I stopped eating Chinese takeaways a long time ago! & long before I became vegetarian. 

With no financial gain, there would be little point in the Chinese  brutalising 22 million beautiful dogs a year for Hide treats. With no end-user, (thats us), we'd be responsible for saving the  lives of millions of dogs, plus cats, racoons, foxes & rabbits, thus preventing horrendous suffering & torture. Saving millions of dog's lives a year, in China alone, must be worth Signing & Sharing 

I plan to contact Pets At Home when I have enough signatures to make a difference. (Now done, see below). If they see how many of us reject this truly horrendous item, I'm hopeful they will take action, because if they do, other sellers may follow their example.

Please REJECT this KILLER 'TREAT'. Don't buy ANY Hide product, from Pets At Home (or from anywhere) if you value your dog's life.

Help Pets At Home, other pet stores & ALL Hide sellers, accept the horrendous truth by signing this petition.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for caring.


Visit my FB page 'Save Our Dogs UK' with lots of information on keeping our dogs safe - 

--------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE  UPDATE  UPDATE UPDATE  UPDATE

You are now questioning Pets At Home's decision to continue selling these 'treats'.

  • "Pets at home have a responsibility to sell goods which are safe for animals". Angela davies, Barnham, UK
  • "The dog meat industry sickens me to my stomach. To think that my dog could be eating another dog - Jo Tipple, Ellington, UK
  • "Pets at home should know better". Tara Knipes Northamptonshire, UK

I agree Tara & hopefully, so will they.  Watch this space!