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Fume Events November & December 2019

Trudie Dadd
Crewkerne, ENG, United Kingdom

Jan 4, 2020 — 


04 November - Republic (On behalf of Delta Airlines)
Embraer ERJ-175
Flight Number: DL6092 Registration: N240JQ
Boston - Philadelphia
Smoke in cockpit. Returned to Boston.
‘The occurrence aircraft returned to service about 8 hours after landing’

04 November - PSA Airlines (On behalf of American Airlines)
Flight Number: AA5139 Registration: N572NN
Omaha - Charlotte
Smoke onboard. Diverted to Greenville.

04 November - Swiss International Airlines
Airbus A321-209
Flight Number: LX2150 Registration: HB-IOH
Zurich - Palma
‘Strange odour onboard, presumably originating from the left hand engine (CFM56)’.
Returned to Zurich.

05 November - Air Canada Rouge
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: AC 782 Registration: C-GKOE
Los Angeles - Montreal
Fumes and Smoke in the cabin on take off.
Returned to Los Angeles.
‘The Canadian TSB Reported two Cabin Air-circulation filters were replaced, both engines (CFM56) received a compressor wash’

05 November - Delta Airlines
Embraer E-175
Delta Airlines flight makes emergency landing due to smoke in the cockpit
November 5, 2019
A Delta flight from Boston to Philadelphia was forced to turn around Monday afternoon and return to Logan Airport.
The airline said flight attendants noticed some hazy smoke in the cockpit of Flight 6092, so the Embraer 175 aircraft turned back.
The plane landed safely and all 21 passengers and crew are OK. Mechanics are checking the plane to determine the origin of the smoke.

07 November - British Airways
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA 315 Registration: G-EUYO
Paris CDG - London Heathrow
Fumes Reported. The aircraft was removed from service until 09 November.

07 November - British Airways
Airbus - A319-100
Flight Number: BA 811 Registration: G-EUPB
Copenhagen - London Heathrow
Fumes Reported. The aircraft was removed from service until 09 November.

07 November - British Airways
Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 435 Registration: G-EUXJ
Amsterdam - London LHR
Fumes Reported in cockpit and cabin. The aircraft was removed from service until 10 November when it had fumes onboard the next two sectors - Heathrow/Munich/Heathrow.

07 November - British Airways
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA 867 Registration: G-EUUA
Budapest - London Heathrow
Fumes onboard. The aircraft was met by emergency services and passengers were held on arrival. Some passengers were allegedly checked for inhalation problems.
The aircraft departed as BA366 the following morning at 07.31GMT (12 hours after arriving from Budapest) for Marseilles.

07 November- British Airways
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA1465 Registration: G-EUYW
Edinburgh - London Heathrow
Fumes reported.
The aircraft was back in service within 10 hours as BA 428 at 07.49GMT to Amsterdam.

08 November - CAA (South Africa)
Twin Engine Cessna:
The body tasked with ensuring aircraft safety in SA had to ground its own plane after smoke billowed into the cockpit just before takeoff from Lanseria airport. The twin-engine 12-seater Cessna owned and operated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) screeched to a halt on the runway on November 8. › news
Smoke in cockpit stops Civil Aviation Authority's plane from taking off.

08 November- Egyptair Freighter
Airbus A330-200
Flight Number: MS 540 Registration: SU-GCJ
Cairo - Cologne
Smoke in the cockpit. Diverted to Athens.
‘The aircraft remained on the ground for 3.45hrs, then continued the flight and reached Cologne with a delay of about 2 hours’.

09 November - British Airways
Airbus - A320N
Flight Number: BA1467 Registration: G-TTNE
Inverness - London Heathrow
Smoke & Fumes on the ground prior to departure.
Flight cancelled.
The aircraft was positioned back to LHR on 10 November as BA9276 arriving at 14.09 GMT.
The next scheduled service showing for this aircraft was 11 November as BA 323 Paris CDG - London LHR at 19.50 CET.

10 November - British Airways
Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 592 Registration: G-EUXJ
London Heathrow - Munich
Fumes Reported - return to London LHR delayed by over 3hrs.

10 November - British Airways
Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: BA 593 Registration: G-EUXJ
Munich - London Heathrow
Fumes Reported
The aircraft departed Munich 3.27 hours late arriving into London LHR 3.17hrs late. It did not operate again until 15 November as BA 846 to Warsaw at 08.39GMT.

10 November - American Airlines
Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: AA1233 Registration: N934AA
Sacramento- Dallas
‘Strange odour in Cockpit and cabin’. Diverted to Las Vegas.
‘The occurrence aircraft returned to service about 24 hours after landing’.

11 November - Spirit Airlines
‘SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Spirit Airlines plane landed safely at the Sacramento International Airport after the crew reported smelling fumes in the cockpit Monday night.
An SMF airport spokesperson said the flight took off with crew only just before 10 p.m. but had to turn around for the smell of fumes. The plane was met by fire crews on the tarmac who cleared the plane.
After further inspection, the spokesperson said there was smoke in the cockpit, noting the plane had maintenance issues earlier Monday.
No passengers were on the plane during the incident.’

11 November - British Airways
Flight Number: Unknown Registration: Unknown
Milan Linate - London Heathrow
Emergency declared. Pilots on emergency oxygen.
Emergency Services met the aircraft on arrival.

11 November- British Airways
Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA 434 Registration: G-EUPG
London Heathrow - Amsterdam
Fumes from the APU prior to departure from LHR and on arrival in AMS.

12 November - British Airways
Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA1467 Registration: G-EUPE
Inverness - London LHR
Allegedly fumes were reported on this flight. However, the aircraft remained in service operating the BA 770 to Oslo after arriving into London LHR from Inverness.

14 November - British Airways
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA 743 Registration: G-EUYY
Geneva - London LHR
Crew reported fumes at the rear of the aircraft. The aircraft was removed from service for approximately 22 hours.

16 November- British Airways
Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA 547 Registration: G- EUPC
Rome - London LHR
Fumes - Diverted to Pisa.
The aircraft was positioned back to LHR the following day as BA9274 and was back in service the following morning (18 November)as flight Number BA 1414 at 06.23 GMT to Belfast.

19 November - Delta Airlines
Boeing 767-300
Flight Number: DL 127 Registration: N176DZ
Madrid - New York JFK
Smoke and fumes in the cabin prior to departure.
Passengers were told to collect their luggage and leave the aircraft via the air bridge back into the terminal.
Flight cancelled.
Less than 24 hours after this incident the aircraft operated the Madrid to Atlanta service DL 109.

21 November - British Airways
Airbus A380-800
Flight Number - BA011 Registration: G-XLEA
London LHR/Singapore
Fumes detected and reported at various stages of flight.

24 November 2019 (Publication - for Fume Event on 19 October 2019)
British Airways - Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA2676 Registration: G-GATL
London LGW - Paphos
Fumes in cockpit. Both Pilots partially incapacitated.

25 November- Spirit Airlines
Airbus A321-200
Flight Number: NK 756 Registration: N675NK
San Jose (Costa Rica) - Fort Lauderdale
Fumes in cockpit.

25 November - Laudamotion
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: OE1342 Registration: OE-LOX
Vienna - Dublin
Fumes in cabin. One passenger fainted and was unconscious for a brief period of time. Crew were feeling dizzy and suffering headaches.

25 November - British Airways
Boeing 747-400
Flight Number: BA174 Registration: G-BYGB
New York JFK - London LHR
Fumes in the cabin - described as an ‘acrid’ were smelt by passengers and crew onboard the aircraft during taxi out to the departure runway. The smell then changed to an exhaust smell.
The Captain made an announcement that the fumes were from the exhaust of the aircraft in front and that there was nothing wrong with the aircraft. However, one passenger had a severe asthma attack and one crew member fainted. Other crew members were also affected. The aircraft returned to stand. Two passengers and three crew members were offloaded and the aircraft departed approximately 2 hours later.
One passenger and one crew member were admitted to hospital.

29 November - Omni Air International
Boeing 767-200
Flight Number: OY 112 Registration: N234AX
Las Vegas - Honolulu
Smoke in the cockpit. Returned to Las Vegas.

29 November - British Airways
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: BA2582 Registration: G-MIDO
London Gatwick/Venice
Alleged Fume Event prior to departure. Crew sent to hospital.
Aircraft G-MIDO was removed from service and another aircraft operated the Gatwick - Venice service which departed 2.43hrs later.
G-MIDO was allegedly sent to the hangar, but it operated the Gatwick - Naples service - BA2612 the same afternoon at 2.27PM.

03 December - Skywest
Canadair CRJ-700
(On behalf of Delta Airlines)
Flight Number: DL3966 Registration: N641CA
Appleton WI - Minneapolis
Smell of smoke in the cabin. Returned to Appleton.

03 December - Azul Lineas Aereas
Embraer ERJ-195
Flight Number: AD2709 Registration: PR-AYK
Recife - Fortaleza
Smell of smoke in the cabin. Returned to Recife.

04 December - Spicejet
Boeing 737-800
Flight Number: SG 18 Registration: VT-SZI
Dubai - Kochi
Smoke onboard. Diverted to Muscat (Oman).

09 December - Jazz
De Havilland Dash 8-300
Flight Number: QK8842/AC8842
Registration: C-GNON
Montreal - Hartford
Smoke in cockpit and cracked windshield.

09 December- GoAir
Airbus A320-200N
Flight Number: G8-28 Registration: VT-WJJ
Singapore - Bangalore
Strong smell of oil in the cabin. Returned to Singapore.

09 December - PSA Airlines
(On behalf of American Airlines)
Flight Number: AA5082 Registration: N256PS
Tallahassee - Washington National
Fumes in the cabin on approach into Washington.

12 December - TigerAir
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: TT 644 Registration: VH-XUH
Adelaide - Sydney
Fumes onboard. Diverted to Melbourne.

13 December- ANA
Boeing 777-300
Flight Number: NH 52 Registration: JA754A
Sapporo - Tokyo Haneda
Smoke in the cabin. Returned to Sapporo.

15 December - Qantas
Airbus A330-200
Flight Number: QF 575 Registration: VH-EBC
Sydney - Perth
Hydraulic leak with mist in the cabin.
Returned to Sydney. Aircraft evacuated.

18 December - Delta Airlines
Boeing 767-400
Flight Number: DL 110 Registration: N843MH
Buenos Aires - Atlanta
Smoke in the cabin. Returned to Buenos Aires.

18 December- Austrian Airlines
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: OS 157 Registration: OE-LXC
Vienna - Dusseldorf
Smell of smoke in the cockpit. Diverted to Munich.

20 December - British Airways
Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: BA 902 Registration: G-EUPY
London Heathrow - Frankfurt
Fumes in the cockpit. Returned to Heathrow.

20 December - Lufthansa
Airbus A319-100
Flight Number: LH1853 Registration: D-AIBC
Milan Malpensa - Munich
Fumes on descent into Munich. On touchdown the smell intensified.
The three cabin crew and the First Officer went to see a Doctor.
The Purser was admitted to hospital.

26 December - American Airlines
Boeing 767-800
Flight Number: AA 2350 Registration: N359PX
Dallas Ft. Worth - Mexico City
Smoke in the cabin. Diverted to McAllen (Texas).

27 December - Azul Linhas Aereas
Embraer ERJ-195
Flight Number: AD5179 Registration: PR-AXH
Iguasso Falls - Porto Alegre
Smoke in the cabin. Diverted to Chapeco.

30 December - AirAsia
Airbus A320-200
Flight Number: AK9327 Registration: 9M-AGU
Langkawi - Kuala Lumpur
Smoke in the cabin. Returned to Langkawi.
Aircraft evacuated.

These fume events are only the tip of the iceberg - the ones that make it into the media or are reported to us by whistleblowers - airline employees who are concerned about this serious health & safety issue.
The majority of fume events go unreported by the media, by airlines to their regulator and even by airline flight and cabin crew. So, it’s impossible to paint a true picture of the situation.
We know from the number of fume events reported to us in September and October 2019 - (85 incidents at just one major UK airline) that the situation is out of control, that the CAA are not regulating on contaminated air in aircraft and that intervention at Government level is urgently required to prevent more long-term injuries and future deaths.
⁃ At this moment in time there is no law to stop fumes from aircraft oil or hydraulic fluid from entering aircraft cockpits and passenger cabins.
⁃ The Aviation Industry accept that ‘short-term’ health effects occur - which means it is currently ‘legal’ for Airlines to cause injury to health.
⁃ The Aviation Industry state that ‘long-term’ health effects are ‘unlikely’ - despite causation having already been proved -
Other cases have been settled out of court, such as the case of Terry Williams vs Boeing:

⁃ There is no filtration onboard bleed-air aircraft (all aircraft except the Boeing 787) to stop the fumes. There are no monitoring systems, sensors or carbon monoxide detectors. Why not? Because it would prove the air onboard aircraft is contaminated.
The chemicals used in aircraft oil and hydraulic fluid are known to be harmful to human health. When heated to extremely high temperatures by the aircraft engines they are very dangerous when inhaled - particularly in an enclosed environment with no access to fresh air. It is a mixture of toxins including Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, n-Heptane, Organophosphates and many others, which can cause irreparable damage to the body. Most passengers and even pilots & cabin crew are still unaware of the danger of breathing these fumes during a fume event or continuously (day in/day out for airline crew at low-level concentrations which can build up in the body) and the possible harm it can cause in the long-term:

This video from the GCAQE Conference in September 2019 explains the current situation of fume events and how badly the situation is managed in the USA (very similar to the situation in the U.K.):
Judith Anderson -Industrial Hygienist, explains:

We will continue to bring you important updates on this issue.
All of us campaigning to stop contaminated air in aircraft cockpits & cabins wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year.
Please protect yourself and your loved ones when travelling onboard aircraft until the necessary solutions have been applied:

You can also purchase the Cambridge sky-mask from Angel Fleet - an obituary website for cabin and flight crew. All profits raised go towards helping & supporting families of deceased BA Crew:

For more information on Aerotoxicity & Aerotoxic Syndrome:

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