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Trudie Dadd
Crewkerne, ENG, United Kingdom

Jul 3, 2018 — Photograph: Transavia Aircraft Engineer.
(At least these guys are aware of the dangers and are using protection)

Recent Transavia Fume Event - Faro:

Contamination in aircraft cabins and cockpits has become a regular everyday event. Some of these fume events are reported by pilots to their respective airlines, others are not. Some fume events are reported to the respective regulators by the airlines, others are not.
Fume Events have become a regular feature of airline travel. Is this why it seems to be an acceptable practice to so many people?
Is it that it has become acceptable to smell horrible ‘odours’ or ‘smells’ (as the airlines now call these fume events in order to not alarm the travelling public) onboard aircraft?
Is it acceptable that these fumes contain dangerous chemicals and toxins which can harm human health and that of the unborn child?
Is it acceptable that doctors on an airline payroll are permitted to state that fumes from aircraft oil are not harmful to human health if inhaled?
Is it acceptable that repeated exposure to these fumes (even in very low concentrations) can cause not only immediate and short term health effects to the human body, but also serious long term damage to health - which is still denied by AIRLINES, REGULATORS & GOVERNMENTS?
Apparently so.
According to this recent report the aircraft could have continued its planned journey to Berlin. It returned to Faro as a ‘precaution’. What precaution would that be? Why did the Captain return to Faro if there is no risk to health and there is no danger to passengers or crew from the smoke and fumes in the cabin from the air conditioning? Airlines and Regulators claim the air is safe, clean and better than that in a kindergarten/nursery school.
When the aircraft returned to Faro and later to Berlin did Transavia replace the faulty seal or the engine which caused the contamination to the air conditioning unit? Unfortunately we will never know, however what we do know is that it is a costly and time consuming exercise.
Diversions and returns to departure airports are also very costly, time consuming and very inconvenient for passengers.
Airlines state they would not operate an aircraft if there was a risk to the health and safety of their passengers or crew and therefore claim that the air provided in their aircraft is always safe.
The bleed air system used on all commercial aircraft bar the 787 Dreamliner is a FLAWED SYSTEM BY DESIGN’, this is a well known fact.
It is also a well known fact that contaminants from the oil in aircraft engines can (and do) leak into the air conditioning system and into the aircraft cabin and cockpit.
Who do you believe - The Scientists or The Airline Industry?, because one or the other is not telling the truth.

Many thanks to The Aviation Herald who continue to research and confirm these fume events. Let’s hope that they will soon be a thing of the past.

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