Stop affiliate program with Travelgenio to protect consumers

Stop affiliate program with Travelgenio to protect consumers

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The purpose of this petition is to get flight search engines like Skyscanner, Momondo and others to quit their affiliate programs with the dubios travel agency Travelgenio in order to protect future customers from being ripped off.

According to the business rating website about 35% of the customers (10,087 people) of Travelgenio have had bad experience with the travel agency.

Still people are regularly booking on Travelgenio, unaware of what they are getting themselves into. Travel metasearch engines that have affiliate programs with Travelgenio often list them as the cheapest option on where to book flights which leads users of said search engines to book via Travelgenio.

Not even in normal times would that end well for many, but as during the COVID-19 pandemic the majority of flights have been cancelled, it led to thousands of customers waiting desperately for a refund that still hasn't arrived for many. And while patience would be the key with a trustworthy travel agency / booking site, customers of Travelgenio are struggeling with even getting in contact with them, let alone get reasonable information about the whereabouts of their money.

The most common customers experiences with Travelgenio include:
- not beeing able to reach them via the provided hotline, as nobody picks up the phone
- not getting answers to emails or just getting pre-programmed email responses with just a link to view "my bookings" on the Travelgenio website
- receiving emails asking customers to stop contacting Travelgenio to ask for refunds, yet not providing information on the status of refunds
- beeing lied to about the eligibility for a refund. Travelgenio has stated in many emails that airlines won't provide refund, which turned out to be incorrect when the airline was questioned about this
- not refunding customers months after having claimed they would process the refund soon

The experiences listed above are not exclusively from the last months and linked to COVID-19, incidents like these have happened for years and complaints can be dated back as far as May 2013. Also those are just the most common complaints, but there have been various complaints about e.g. additional fees that hadn't been previousley mentioned, tickets that are considered invalid by airlines, etc.

During the last months websites like Skyscanner, Liligo, Kayak, Momondo, Checkfelix, Billigflieger Vergleich and Idealo had to take matters into their own hands and contact Travelgenio various times, after customers complained directly to them that they are unable to reach Travelgenio. Therefore they are aware of how Travelgenio treats their customers and it is simply unbelievable they haven't already cut ties with those scammers.

Hopefully this petition will show the companies behind those flight search engines that customers expect them to remove Travelgenio from their search results and value customer satisfaction over dubious earnings through this affiliate program.