Save Mirrlees fields from a potential building development of 150 houses.

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MAN Energy Solutions, who own Mirrlees Fields, propose to build 150 houses on the main field (near Kinross Ave). This natural landscape is a Stockport Council designated green space.

• When living in an urban area, it is vital for the community to have access to green space. Our green spaces provide multiple benefits including promoting physical and Mental wellbeing. The fields provide a calm and serene refuge for our community. This natural landscape has been a valuable and positive asset during the recent Covid 19 lockdown, providing open space for exercise and engagement with wildlife and nature for adults, children and dogs. Green spaces are associated with better air quality, by reducing carbon emissions which makes the air cleaner and healthier for our community.• Mirrlees Fields provide habitat for a variety of wildlife such as birds, animals (including bats which are a protected species), insects, trees and flowers. 

Building 150 new houses on Mirrlees Fields would create a significant increase in the volume of traffic. The access to the proposed development would be Bramhall Moor Lane. This road is already a very congested area, and is a key access point to Stepping Hill Hospital. Stockport Council's Brownfields First approach to new development promotes identifying all existing brownfield sites, before considering greenfield sites or Green Belt. Please support us in opposing any building on Mirrlees Field, so that we can preserve this precious green space for our community, and future generations