Protect Sociable, Charitable and Educational Motorcycle Ride-outs in Stevenage

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In response to a few irresponsible people driving dangerously at a car cruise recently, Stevenage Borough Council have decided to take a 'sledge hammer to crack a nut', and take out a legal injunction to ban not just all illegal behaviour already covered by law (such as speeding, driving dangerously etc) but ALL forms of peacefull driving in convoy for all cars and motorbikes. This means banning all social, charity and national 'Ride-outs' which have all traditional taken place in Stevenage Old Town for decades without incident including:

  • Air Ambulance Charity ride-outs
  • Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service 'Biker Down' half-day courses
  • the National Police led motorcycle safety initiative BikeSafe,
  • The annual ACU National Road Rally which has a check point in Stevenage and has been running for approximately 50 years!
  • And the highly popular Sunday Social Ride-outs from Bike Stop in the Old Town organised by local bike clubs and attended by up to 50 law-abiding residents, which almost always include police, ambulance and fire service riders.

The council already has all the laws it needs to curb bad, irrresponsible and illegal behaviour, but with this overly broadly based injunction, it will inadvertantly curtail enjoyable, fun, educational and valuable fund raising activities for a large number of law-abiding people - in addition to substantially hitting business and footfall in Stevenage Old Town at a time when retail businesses need all the help they can get to survive. 

Please will you lend us your support to ask the council to modify its injuction to avoid it hitting law abiding citizens who just want the freedom to continue enjoying their peaceful activities?